Battle of Chickamauga Scenario for Fire and Fury

Legion Wargames has a Fire and Fury Scenario for Chickamauga.

BattleLore Historical Scenarios

BattleLore Master has a number of historical scenarios for the popular game, including Hastings, Lincoln, and Stirling Bridge.

Tanagra 457 BC Scenaro

The Othismos ancient wargaming blog has a Warhammer Ancients scenario for the battle of Tanagra from 457 BC, in which the Spartans faced the Athenians.

Solidscape 3D Heroscape Map Viewer

Solidscape is a bit of software that converts Heroscape maps created with Landscape into fabulous looking 3 dimensional view.

Battle For the Shrine Heroscape Scenario

Battle for the Shrine is a Heroscape scenario in which players must race for a position and hold it for three turns.