Port and Cigars Napoleonic Rules

Port and Cigars is a set of free wargames rules for the Napoleonic period. The authors write:

usable in all scales and all base sizes; by God I don’t care a Damn if you use cardboard chits.

They draw upon decades of research and literally hours of watching” Sharpe”.

With these rules you can follow Wolfe to Quebec , Wellesley to Assay. , Stand in line as your Prussians deliver their automated volleys or lead the charge of your Cuirassiers as they punch a hole in anything in their path.

Port & Cigars is playable in a hour. Time for glory on the tabletop and enough to repair down the tavern; (with a few bottles of wine,) to celebrate your victory.

It uses a single D6. No modern twenty sided or D percent here thank you! If the D6 has served us for a hundred years it shall serve a hundred more!

Here you can finally use all those armies you bought but are about to E-Bay because all other rules systems suck. Two plastic box sets and your army is ready. No quibbling over vague rules anymore as quibblers are flogged senseless the moment they start.

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Republique Napoleonic Rules

The War Times Journal offers a set of free Napoleonics miniatures rules called Republique.

The War Times Journal also offers orders of battle for Jena-Auerstadt, Waterloo, Busaco, Wagram and Dresden.

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Victory At Sea – General Chase! Age of Sail Rules

David Manley offers Victory At Sea - General Chase! a set of free wargames rules for the Age of Sail.

Napoleonic Uniform Glossary

Newcomers to wargaming the Napoleonic Wars can be bewildered by the uniform terminology. That's where the Napoleonic Uniform Glossary comes in handy. This site has photos of various uniforms and identifies the parts.

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Darrell’s 15mm Napoleonics

In Darrell's 15mm Napoleonics Rules, each unit represents an Infantry Battalion, Cavalry Regiment or Artillery Battery consisting of 2 - 4 Stands.

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