Six Page Napoleonics

Six Page Napoleonics is a set of free wargames rules for game set in the Napoleonic era.

Fusilier Flintlock Era Rules

Fusilier is a set of free wargames rules for the the flintlock era.

The author writes:

The Flintlock Era
Fusilier is a wargames system designed for the period 1700 to 1815.

The system is designed to be used with any scale of figures. There is no formal figure scale, the unit sizes being dictated by the base sizes, which in turn are based on the frontages of the prototype units. An infantry battalion might be, for example, ten 25mm figures, twenty 15mm figures or fifty 5 mm figures. The ground scale is 1 mm = 1 metre

Clauswitz’ War: Theatre-Level Napoleonic Campaign Rules

Clauswitz' War: Theatre-Level Napoleonic Campaign Rules is a set of free wargames rules for Napoleonic campaigns. The author writes:

These rules are designed to be used to represent theatre-level campaigning with armies of several corps per side during the Napoleonic period. Each turn is a day, and maps covering an area from 100 - 500 miles on a side with good detail (roads, rivers, towns) should be used. The intent of these rules is not to depict campaigning 100% accurately, but to provide a referee with basic guidelines for running a Kriegspiel-type game for the generation of tabletop engagements. All dice are ordinary 6-sided dice.

Braid and Cockade Rules

Braid and Cockade is a set of free wargames rules for game set in the 1750 - 1850 era.

Cossacks vs French In Russia

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Here are a few photos from our group's recent game of Cossacks versus French in 1812 Russia. The French were attempting to hold onto a town while foraging for supplies; the Cossacks wanted to drive off the French while looting the countryside. As the game progressed, increasing numbers of Cossacks came in from the countryside to join the fun, while French reinforcements were also funneling in.

The figures and terrain were all by Bob Marshall, whose wargaming talents are eclipsed only by his talents as a cowboy troubadour.