Wargames Research Group Rules: 1685 – 1845

For many years, Wargames Research Group rules were the standard in miniature wargaming. The Wargames Rules: 1685 – 1845 cover the entire horse and musket period, and include useful army lists for Malburian and Seven-Years-War armies as well as the campaigns in India which preceded the Napoleonic Wars. I actually own a print copy of these.

Blood and Bounty Pirate Rules

Blood and Bounty is set of free wargames rules for pirates in 28mm. The author writes:

“Blood & Bounty” is a pirate themed 28mm wargame that features over 50 pages of rules and statistics for reenacting the swashbuckling skirmishes of the Golden Age of Piracy! The game includes:

  • 5 Factions
  • (Royal Navy, Marine Royale, Real Armada Espanola, Merchantmen & Traders, and Pirates & Privateers.)
  • Full rules for simulated sailing and combat with multiple vessel
  • Boarding actions with hectic hand-to-hand and ranged comba
  • Historical and fictional pirate characters
  • A fleshed-out campaign mode for battling across the tropical Caribbean with multiple players
  • And much more!

Dad’s Army Rules

The Think Tank offers a set of rules for the Home Guard in Britain during World War II. I’ve never seen the show “Dad’s Army,” but can’t stop thinking about the “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” song, Old Home Guard.


Jacobite Rebellion Rules

The Think Tank offers a set of free wargames rules for the Jacobite Rebellion.  The rules also include army lists, flags and a painting guide.

Are You Being Serfed? Wars of the Roses Rules

Are You Being Serfed? is a set of free wargames rule for the Wars of the Roses. The author notes:

I believe they will give a fast and fun game. We are going to have in the region of 40+ units, 800+ figures on the table and with possibly only 2 players they need to be.