No Quarter Fantasy Rules

From Chris Gilders comes No Quarter Fantasy Rules. These free wargames rules are a massive work, with 83 pages in the main rules book alone. There also are a large number of army lists, which is the real strength of the set. Like many fantasy games, figures are defined by a model profile, detailing combat stats, actions, strength, toughness and wounds. This is an amazingly comprehensive work for a free rules set, covering every aspect of fantasy warfare you could want.

North and South Kings of War ACW Supplement

North and South is a fan supplement for Kings of War, Mantic Games’ free fantasy rules. The rules cover both regular American Civil War games and the ACW with Zombies.

Star Mogul Salvage Crew Science Fiction Rules

Mega Minis has released the previously commercial Star Mogul Salvage Crew as a set of free wargames rules.

From their announcement:

You are the owner or star mogul of a newly formed salvage crew. Fifty years ago a pathogen annihilated most of the colonies of the outer rim. Those whom are brave enough to stake their salvage claims to this lost or abandoned property could make a fortune. All you have to do is grab the salvage and stave off other salvage crews with force if necessary.

This game includes 56 pages of basic rules and 29 pages of other material including the following.

25mm and 15mm ranges in inches for firing and movement.
2D paper miniatures of a basic starter Salvage Crew (Team Yellow and Team Blue).
2D drop zone and debris salvage templates.
3D wooden crates for use as scenery
Six sided die results
Starter Salvage Crew Rosters and examples of how they are created.
Background material on the universe, weapons, and equipment.
We will begin introducing more free rules, examples of game mechanics, encounters, and general mayhem starting in May of 2011.

Lord Merlin’s Rules of Engagement

Lord Merlin’s Rules of Engagement is a set of free wargames rules for medieval style wargames. What makes these unique is that they are designed for large scale (70mm) figures. Despite the “Lord Merlin” monicker, there doesn’t seem to be a fantasy component here.

A Spanish Crossfire

A Spanish Crossfire is a set of modifications for playing Crossfire game set in the Spanish Civil War, and in the Rif War.