Charge! Warhammer Fantasy Battles Skirmish Game

The Realm of Chaos Blog has a post on an old school (1988) Warhammer Fantasy Skirmish game

Charge Yr Pikes

Charge Yr Pikes is a set of free wargames rules for the English Civil War. The authors write:

This set of rules is considerably modified from the first edition, which was in turn a modified version of CAVALIERS AND ROUNDHEADS’, by Gygax & Perren. These modifications were based on general dissatisfaction with the parts of the first edition that contrasted most with the “Brom Standard” rules which were introduced to our club by Larry Brom. The later editions (3rd, 4th and this one) are merely attempts to “fine-tune” the second edition.

Into The Darkness Skirmish Rules

Into the Darkness is a set of simple free wargames rules for skirmishes.

The author writes:

Into The Darknessis a tabletop war-gamefor two players. It is played on a 4×4 board, with each player alternating taking turns. Each player controls one (1) team, which may comprise as few as three but as many as nine models. Each model is given three points with which to purchase gear, though points may be gained with experience.

Charles Sweet’s Rules For An Ancients Wargame

Charles and David Sweet were among the founders of American wargaming. Here are his rules for ancient wargaming.

Jack Scruby’s Basic Wargaming Rules

Here are a set of rules from the man who is arguably the “Father” of American Wargaming, Jack Scruby: Basic Wargaming Rules.