Ancient Combat

Ancient Combat is a set of free wargames rules by Matt Cappetta.


Guard du Corps

Guard du Corps is a set of Napoleonic miniatures rules where 1 casting = 60 combatants and one turn = 15 minutes. Basing is as per Empire.

Glave Fantasy Skirmish Rules

Glave is a set of fantasy battle rules that:

can be used with any style or type of miniatures. The system uses 6 sided dice to resolve all combat outcomes. Each player gets a certain amount of “training points” to train and equip his army with.

Starcraft Tactical Miniatures Combat

The Starcraft Tactical Miniatures Combat rules are based on the world of the classic video game. I suppose you could use miniatures from the board game to play.

Shieldwall Dark Ages Rules

Legio Wargames offers Shieldwall, a set of free wargames rules for Dark Ages battles in the British Isles and Northern Europe.