Making 15mm Barbed Wire

The League of Ordinary Gamers has a quick and easy idea for making some good looking 15mm barbed wire.

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The Lights Are Going out WWI Rules

The Lights Are Going Out is a set of free wargames rules for WWI in 1914. The rules are designed for 15mm figures.

15mm Palm Tree Tutorial

18 Charlie has a tutorial on making 15mm palm trees. The methods looks good, and should be quick and inexpensive.

Gladius and Pilum Ancients Rules

Gladius and Pilum is a set of free wargames rules for battles set in the 500BC to 500AD era. They're designed for 15mm miniatures, with one figure equaling 50 men.

Modeling 15mm Wheat Fields

Here's a tutorial on modeling 15mm wheatfields for your wargames terrain collection.

The key ingredient in this project are door mats made of coconut matting, called coir matting.