Liberated Hordes – South American Wars of Liberation Rules

Liberated Hordes is a set of free wargames rules for the South American Wars of Liberation. They rules are an amendment to the Hordes of the Things rules (HOTT).

Loyalty and Glory AWI Rules

Loyalty and Glory are a set of fast play rules for the American Revolution.

Corporal John Age of Marlborough Rules

Corporal John is a set of free wargames rules for the Age of Marlborough. The author writes that:

The set can be used, not only for Marlborough’s wars, but for those of Charles XII, Peter the Great, Louis XIV and even Gustavus Adolphus.

 The rules are fast-play but still retain the detail to give the correct flavour of the period.  They will handle games of  thirty or forty units per side or  much smaller games with a handful of units.

Fusilier Flintlock Era Rules

Fusilier is a set of free wargames rules for the the flintlock era.

The author writes:

The Flintlock Era
Fusilier is a wargames system designed for the period 1700 to 1815.

The system is designed to be used with any scale of figures. There is no formal figure scale, the unit sizes being dictated by the base sizes, which in turn are based on the frontages of the prototype units. An infantry battalion might be, for example, ten 25mm figures, twenty 15mm figures or fifty 5 mm figures. The ground scale is 1 mm = 1 metre

Jacobite Rebellion Rules, Painting Guides, Army Lists and Flags

Graham Cookson offers a set of free wargames rules for the Jacobite Rebellion. He has helpfully also included painting guides, army lists and flags for printing.