Boxer Rebellion Board Game

A couple of days ago a friend asked if I had ever seen a Boxer Rebellion board game. I went looking and found a free print-and-play Boxer Rebellion Game on Warpspawn Games

Pushpins Global Conspiracy Game

Pushpins is a free print-and-play game of global conspiracy. Form the author's description:


People talk about a global conspiracy, about the powers that own the world, but they don’t seem to grasp just how big the world is. How remote parts of the world are. And this isn’t just like, people living in the mountains. We’re talking about places like, Idaho. And Nebraska. There’s a lot of nothing going on over there, and do you think the conspiracies that run the world care about it?

Well, you know they do.

Because taking care of these boring places is your job.

Push-Pins needs a space players can play, which can be a whiteboard or corkboard. Players don’t need to shuffle, or even play at the same time as one another. Games can take place over a day in an office, for example, or play out quickly in one spot.

Pocket Imperium Free Card Game

Pocket Imperium is a free card game of the Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate genre. It's designed for three players (not many of these) and uses just 18! cards.

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Of Monsters and Men Free Board and Card Game

Of Monsters and Men is a free board and card game where you guide one of the mythic races of Europe to survival and victory.

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Origins of World War I Board Game

Origins of World War I is a free print-and-play game by legendary wargames designer James Dunnigan. The game was re-implemented as Origins of World War II, an Avalon Hill game now long out of print. From the description:

A political/strategy game in which five players represent the five major nations in pre-World War I Europe. They must compete against each other to achieve each nation's 'national objectives'. While actual war is not allowed in the game, the play should show quite clearly how tensions developed to such a high pitch in 1914.