Bloody Mary – Further Intrigue In The Tudor Court

Bloody Mary is the title of Gary Stevens' free downloadable board game of intrigue in the Tudor Court. Stevens writes:

In this game you get to relive the politics of middle Tudor England as you strive to secure your candidate for the Throne... and keep your own head.

The game starts at the coronation of Henry VIII's son Edward. It follows the history of mid-Tudor England for a further 25 years. You must plot to place your favoured candidate on the throne. You play the part of a faction of courtiers trying to preserve your power and influence. The game is solidly based in history (well, as solidly as I can make it). It is meant to be educational as well as entertaining.

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Micro Rome Print and Play Game

Micro Rome is a free print and play board game in which a player tries to populate Rome and score 45 points before the Coliseum is built.

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Hidden Empires — Ant Colony Game

Hidden Empires has got a pretty unique theme:

Hidden Empires II is a game for 2 to 6 players where each player assumes the role of an ant colony. You will guide your colony as it attempts to grow and thrive in a hostile environment while competing for resources with neighboring colonies. Your colony will employ unique survival strategies based on those of real world ant species. To win the game, you must give your species the best chance of survival by producing more reproductive ants than your opponents.

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MegaMan Battle Network Board Game

The Megaman Battle Network Board Game is a free print-and-play game based on the storied MegaMan franchise.

Japanese Invasion of Malaya Postcard Game

Geoff Bohrer offers a postcard game -- an entire Avalon Hill style game on a postcard -- of the Japanese invasion of Malaya:

The Japanese invasion of Malaya was one of the most perfectly executed military plans in history. Can you, as the British commander, slow the Japanese advance sufficiently to disrupt the timetable for the capture of the East Indies? Or will the Japanese succeed in capturing Singapore in time to establish the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?

This 5x8 inch postcard game includes 18 counters, complete rules which include the asymmetrical abilities of the Japanese and UK forces,and a 5x5 1/2 inch board.

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