Racing To The North Pole Card Game

Racing To The North Pole is a set of rules for a build-your-own card and board game. As the name implies, the game is about polar explorers in the early 1900s.

Good Little Trains Print-and-Play Game

Good Little Trains is a print-and-play game in which you deliver cargo on an ever-changing map.

Marathon Fantasy Race Game

Marathon is a fantasy race game where

Players take the roles of Gods, secretly influencing six Heroes as they strive to complete the mythical Marathon race. You must be subtle as you influence your Heroes: once a God’s favorite Heroes are known the other Gods will work to thwart them! At the end of the race, the God whose favorites have moved the furthest wins the game!

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Zombie Wars Boardgame

From Invisible City Games comes Zombie Wars, a free zombie board game. Zombie Wars: "Undead warfare between two to four rival zombie masters rages in the streets of Smallton�"

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Bloody Mary – Further Intrigue In The Tudor Court

Bloody Mary is the title of Gary Stevens' free downloadable board game of intrigue in the Tudor Court. Stevens writes:

In this game you get to relive the politics of middle Tudor England as you strive to secure your candidate for the Throne... and keep your own head.

The game starts at the coronation of Henry VIII's son Edward. It follows the history of mid-Tudor England for a further 25 years. You must plot to place your favoured candidate on the throne. You play the part of a faction of courtiers trying to preserve your power and influence. The game is solidly based in history (well, as solidly as I can make it). It is meant to be educational as well as entertaining.

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