Catan Horror

Catan Horror is a set of mashup rules for combining the board games Arkham Horror with Settlers of Catan.

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Constantinople Solo Board Game

Constantinople is a print-and-play board game tracking the thousand year history of the Byzantine Empire. From the BGG description:

A Victory Point Games States of Siege Series style solitaire wargame covering the millennium-long history of the Byzantine empire, from the foundation of Constantinople in AD330 until its fall in AD1453. The player uses military might as well as diplomacy and outright bribery to keep the many opposing forces at bay for as long as possible. Can you outlive the historic Byzantine empire, or will your efforts be relegated to an obscure footnote in the history books?

Bump In The Night RPG

The current trend toward hybrid roleplaying miniatures game has been a lot of fun. I've played fun games that feature pirates, African safaris, Victorian street gangs, and of course, my own horror games tend in that direction.

Bump In The Night is a free RPG that I think could easily be modified for use as a role playing oriented miniatures game. At the very least, it has some good ideas.

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Pondemonium Board Game

Pondemonium is a free board game of conflict between frogs and  turtles.

Hidden Empires — Ant Colony Game

Hidden Empires has got a pretty unique theme:

Hidden Empires II is a game for 2 to 6 players where each player assumes the role of an ant colony. You will guide your colony as it attempts to grow and thrive in a hostile environment while competing for resources with neighboring colonies. Your colony will employ unique survival strategies based on those of real world ant species. To win the game, you must give your species the best chance of survival by producing more reproductive ants than your opponents.

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