Japanese Invasion of Malaya Postcard Game

Geoff Bohrer offers a postcard game -- an entire Avalon Hill style game on a postcard -- of the Japanese invasion of Malaya:

The Japanese invasion of Malaya was one of the most perfectly executed military plans in history. Can you, as the British commander, slow the Japanese advance sufficiently to disrupt the timetable for the capture of the East Indies? Or will the Japanese succeed in capturing Singapore in time to establish the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?

This 5x8 inch postcard game includes 18 counters, complete rules which include the asymmetrical abilities of the Japanese and UK forces,and a 5x5 1/2 inch board.

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Gamers Alliance Magazine Free Back Issues

Gamers Alliance, which bills itself as the "longest running, continuously published English language game review publication" has a large selection of their previously published board game reviews available online. I've found it useful in looking for some older board games to purchase to add to my collection.

Battle Dice Fantasy Game

Battle Dice is a set of free wargames rules for a game of fantasy battles where dice represent the units.

Ares Magazine #14 – The Omega War

Issue 14 of Ares Magazine featured a game called The Omega War, a two player game of strategic warfare for control of North America in the 25th century. Issue 14 came out in the spring of 1983.

Dr. Who Solitaire Story Game Online

The Dr. Who Solitaire Story Game is a terrific paper and pencil game, and now it is available to play online as The Dr. Who Solitaire Story Game Playable Wiki. It is an interesting concept.

Welcome to the Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game Playable Wiki!

Here you will find just some of the adventures of a 1000-year-old, renegade Time Lord!

This is not a wiki about the game - this wiki is the game!

Travel as The Doctor and take a journey through the realms of time and space in the TARDIS - a time machine which exists within seemingly impossble dimensions. But, on the outside, it looks just like a 1960s British Police Box!

Ably assisted by loyal travelling companions from ages ancient and modern, you will reveal and encounter many and varied devious enemies. Try to discover their evil plans and defeat them before time runs out and, sometimes… just sometimes, you'll end up rescuing the entire universe from certain doom!

The Doctor Who Solitaire Story Game is based on the cult BBC TV series 'Doctor Who'. Almost 50 years old and still going strong, the science fiction fantasy series continues to build an ever-expanding universe of tales, culture and folklore. All these stories tell of a mysterious enigmatic humanoid alien, The Doctor.

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