Corinth Print and Play

Major game publisher Days of Wonder offers its Corinth roll and write game free for the downloading. The game is about merchants in the ancient city of Corinth.

Table Air Combat: Spitfire II

Table Air Combat is a pay-what-you-want, print-and-play game of WWII air combat. All you need are the prints and some six sided dice.

Paraguay Print and Play Wargame

Paraguay is a free print-and-play wargame about the 1864 war involving Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. It’s designed for 2 – 4 players.

Historia Romana

Historia Romana is a free print and play game set in the Roman Empire. Scenarios Include:

– The Rise of Sulla, 85 BC
– The Third Mithridatic War, 74 BC
– Caesar Vs Pompey, 50 BC
– The Year of the Four Emperors, 69 AD
– The Crisis of the Third Century, 260 AD
– The Imperial Restoration, 268 AD
– Alaric at the gates, 407 AD
– The Scourge of God, 451 AD
– Heraclius and the Last Persian War, 622 AD

The Shores Of Tripoli Kickstarter

I was happy to be a playtester on this project. It’s a great game that’s reminiscent of Twilight Struggle. As a solo game, it’s a hoot. I recommend it. I backed it myself, even though I spent considerable time constructing the print and play.

A photo of my playtest version is below. The three stack blocks are frigates. The two stacks are sloops. The singles are armies.