Maquis Solo Print and Play Game

Maquis is a solo, print and play game about the French Resistance during World War II.

Burning Rome: Barbarian Uprising

Burning Rome: Barbarian Uprising is a free print-and-play, standalone expansion for the commercial game, Burning Rome. It’s free because right now, it is in the prototype stage, so I suspect it won’t be up long.

Both Barbarian Uprising and the original Burning Rome are two player card games are two-player, deckbuilding, tactical card games.

Axemen and Allies

Axemen and Allies is an fantasy/medieval variant for Axis and Allies.

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Germania: Drusus’ Campaigns 12-9 BC Solo Board Game

Germania: Drusus’ Campaigns 12-9 BC (direct download) is a free print-and-play solo game:

about about the Roman Conquest of Germany at the end of the 1st Century BC. The Player represents the governor with two objectives. The first is the public one of conquering Germany as far as the Weser and establishing a new Imperial Frontier. the second of increasing his personal fortune. The activities of the German Tribes are determined by a set of rules.

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18Africa Board Game

18Africa is a free print-and-play board game from the 18xx rail game genre.