Medieval Skirmish Rules

Bob Beattie offers a set of Medieval Skirmish Rules.

God’s Acre Medieval Rules

God’s Acre is a set of free wargames rules for medieval battles. The rules were originally published in 1977 by Heritage Models.

Feudal Warfare

Feudal Warfare is a set of free wargames rules for medieval warfare where each figure represents 5 infantry or cavalry. The author writes:

These rules are intended for use at conventions, where a fairly simple set of rules is usually needed, where there is a referee running the event, and where the scenario is a traditional 2-sided linear battle.
The “Feudal” era is taken to be the 500 or so years from the end of the Dark Ages, up until the “high” Middle Ages began, in Western Europe: Roughly A.D. 750-1250.

Note that the rules do NOT have super-powered longbows! The longbow as a truly decisive weapon did not come into its own until the end of the period these rules cover.

The game scale is almost skirmish level: 1 figure represents 5 men. This allows the petty battles common to the period to be played out, with a few hundred men on each side, and still have an interesting number of figures.

Simplis Medieval Miniatures Rules

Simplis Medieval Miniaturus is a set of free wargames rules for miniatures battles set in medieval times.

Building A Medieval Roadhouse

Terrain Thralls has an illustrated tutorial on making a half-timbered, two story roadhouse. The end result is beautiful, and would be useful in a wide variety of settings.