Wargaming Fundraiser For Ukraine

Wargaming fundraiser for Ukraine

J.P. Medved, a Colorado-based wargamer, has partnered with Ukrainian sculptor Nikita Klimenko in Lviv to design a 3D-printable wargame model commemorating Ukraine’s defenders that they’re giving away in return for donations.

The model depicts a Ukrainian special forces soldier firing a British-manufactured NLAW anti-tank weapon, and comes with a decorative base containing wreckage of a “Z” tank.
Their fundraising page is here: https://digitalarmies.gumroad.com/l/ukrnlaw

And they’ve partnered with Speira Miniatures so people who don’t have their own 3D printer can still get a physical model and donate: https://www.speira.net/product/figures/ukrainian-special-operations-soldier/

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