Painting 15mm Horses Tutorial

Anatoli’s Game Room has a tutorial on painting 15mm horses.

How To Build A Hollow Hull For A Larger Model Ship From Scratch

Wargaming Miscellany has an article on building a hollow hull for a larger-sized model ship.

Iron and Steam Rules

Iron and Steam is a set of free wargames rules for pre-dreadnought Victorian naval actions.

Iron and Steam is a set of miniatures rules for naval combat of the American Civil War. The rules feature a gun-by-gun combat resolution, written orders and simultaneous movement. Traditionally played with 1/600 scale models the combat scale is closer to 1/2400 scale, though the game is generally model scale agnostic. Also included are over 100 pre-filled ship record sheets, turning radii and arc-of-fire templates as well as a 2 page QRS to facilitate fire resolution.


ACW Rules For River and Coastal Warfare

By Jeff Peach & Les Booth offer a set of free wargames rules for ACW River and Coastal Warfare

Spanish American War Rules

Here’s a set of free wargames rules for the Spanish American War using multiple dice sizes and designed for 28mm figures.