Making Ruined Roads from Vinyl/Linoleum Tiles

Here’s a good photo tutorial on making ruined roads from Vinyl/Linoleum Tiles.

Space Gamer Back Issues

Space Gamer

Back issues of the Space Gamer from the 1970s and 1980s are available at the Internet Archive. Lots of old school goodness here.

Making Trees From Twist Ties

Creative Twilight has a nice tutorial on making trees from twist ties and joint compound.

Pocket Tactics 3D Printer Game

Pocket Tactics is a free download and print on your 3D printer game.

I think this is the wave of the future.

Wayfarer Tactics Universal Rules

Wayfarer Tactics is a free wargames rules designed to be universal in both setting and scope. The authors write:

Welcome to Wayfarer Tactics, the dynamic miniature wargaming system that puts the whole of the Multiverse under your control!

Using the simple dice mechanic of Pocket-Tactics, you may enact epic battles using whatever models you have on hand (in any scale). You’ll also need a deck of standard playing cards to give your characters orders and activate certain special abilities. Whether you want to play free-range skirmishes in dense terrain, massive squadron battles measured by the yard, grid-based dungeon crawls, or anything else, the modular core rules will adapt to your needs. It can even be played as an RPG!