Sea Wings WWII Aircraft Carrier Rules

Sea Wings is a set of free wargames rules for aircraft carrier warfare in World War II. The author writes:

“Sea Wings” is a game of aircraft carrier warfare in World War II. It is of moderate complexity, and is designed for play between two players. The game is designed for play on a 4 by 6 foot tabletop. The game scale is 4 hour turns, with 1 inch equaling 24 nautical miles in the playing surface. The game units are individual ships and air points representing 6 aircraft each. Ships can be represented by cards (provided below) or miniatures.

Modeling Camouflage Netting From Gauze

Plastic Warriors has an article on modeling camouflage netting. The key ingredients in this project are fine gauze and super glue.

Chain of Command Tactical Markers

The War Games Table blog has some very creative ideas for tactical markers for Chain of Command. They are, for the most part, scenery bits that look very much a part of the table.

Similar markers could be used for other games, obviously. The appeal of these is that they convey information, while still making the table look good.

Activation Roll, Action Point Alternate Skirmish Rules For Warhammer 40K

Gemini is a set of alternate skirmish rules for Warhammer 40K that use an Activation Roll, Action Point system.

There seem to be quite a few people who love the Warhammer 40K Universe, but who are less than enamored with the rules.