What A Tanker 40K

What A Tanker 40K is a modification of Two Fat Lardies’ What A Tanker Game for the Warhammer 40K Universe

By The Walls of Constantinople One Page Board Game

By the Walls of Constantinople is a one-page board game simulating part of the seige of the city by the Sultan Mahmet II. To play the game, you just download one of the listed images and print.

Druid’s Duel

Druid’s Duel is a strategy card game — played with a poker deck — for two to four players. It simulates a duel between shape-shifting magicians.

Citadels Print-And-Play Card Game

Citadels is one of my favorite games of all time. First published in 2000, it involves deduction, card drafting and set collection around a city-building theme.

Publisher Asmodee offers a print-and-play version. I highly recommend it.

Steam Walker Paper Model

For fans of Victorian Science Fiction, here’s a downloadable paper model of a steam walker.