Blaze of Glory Wild West Skirmish Rules

Blaze of Glory is a set of free wargames rules for Wild West skirmishes.

Jungle Hut Paper Model

For your jungle games, here's a paper hut model.

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Converting 25mm Paper Figures To 6mm Paper Figures

Squirmydad has a tutorial on converting 25mm paper figures to 6mm paper figures suitable for mounting on pennies. He superimposes the original figures on a colored circle that can be folded and glued to pennies. Using Photoshop, he shows you how to adjust the DPI, scale, and add the background and base. It's very good, and I'm going to try the same thing in Corel PhotoPaint.

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Warblocks Rules

Warblocks is a set of free wargames rules using Jenga blocks as troops.

Wastelands Post Apocalyptic Wargames Rules

The author writes:

Wasteland is a game of post-apocalyptic warfare between small bands of desperate fighters. You can play it as a skirmish war game using the character archetypes and weapon lists but it’s also designed to allow you to play fast-moving and memorable campaigns with two or more players.

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