Dune The Dice Game

Dune The Dice Game is a free print-and-play game set in the world of Frank Herbert’s Dune Universe. It is inspired by the old Avalon Hill game.

Warmaster ACW

John Martin has written a set of free wargames rules for the American Civil War based on Games Workshop’s Warmaster. I think that things have come full circle here, because Warmaster obviously took much of its inspiration from the seminal ACW rules set, “Fire and Fury.” Not that GW would ever admit that. After all, according to the Evil Empire, miniature wargaming is the “Games Workshop Hobby”, which precludes the acknowledgement of any other rules set or miniatures.

Dark Age Science Fantasy Rules

Dark Age is a miniature wargame based on the artwork of the acclaimed artist Brom. Set in a dark science-fantasy world (now there’s an original thought), the game features some really interesting-looking miniatures. In a smart marketing move, the rules are available free for the downloading.

Modeling Wooden Yard Fences

Here are some good instructions for building modern wood yard fences.

Pieces of Eight Rules

Pirates anyone? Pieces of Eight is a set of free wargames rules from Andy Watkins portraying Hollywood pirate skirmishes. They are a relatively simple set of rules — but that’s a good thing! Who wants complications when you’re playing pirates.