Darrell’s 15mm Napoleonics

In Darrell's 15mm Napoleonics Rules, each unit represents an Infantry Battalion, Cavalry Regiment or Artillery Battery consisting of 2 - 4 Stands.

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American War Of Independence Warhammer Variant

Jimi Tubman offers a set of free wargames rules for the American War of Independence based on the Warhammer ECW rules.

De Bellis Toyus

De Bellis Toyus is a set of rules for using kid's toys for wargames. The rules are loosely based on Phil Barker's DBA.

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Making Ocean Boards For Wargaming

Small World Productions has a tutorial on making ocean boards for wargaming.

Searchers of the Unknown Minimalist RPG Rules

Searchers of the Unknown is a set of free role playing rules. These are one-page, minimalist rules, each of which is designed as a stand-alone product. The collection includes: Searchers of the UnkownDwarven Glory (and supplement), Karry on Krawling, Witches of N'kai, Adventurers!, Cyborg Samurai Are Go!, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Funkin Fists of Fu, Jung Guns, Raiders of the Unknown, The Bastards, Brickmasters of the Unknown, Mutant Got Gunz, Mutant Scavengers of the Ruined Earth (and supplement), Tempora Mutantur (and supplements), Searchers in Spaaaace!!!, Scavengers & Spacewrecks, Swashbucklers of Mars (and a supplement), and Song of the Symbi.

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