Royal Venusian Trading Company

Royal Venusian Trading Company is a swords-and-planets exploration game with roleplaying elements based on old school D&D clones. From the author's explanation:

In a fantasy Victorian Age universe, a team of ardent explorers are racing into unknown parts of the savage world of Venus in search of glory and riches beyond measure. Guided by hearsay, rumors, and third hand information, each Expedition will attempt to conquer the unyielding environment and plunge into the heart of the world of the cruel and fickle goddess of love.

The Game begins with the explorers outfitting their expedition. Then the team will move across the uncharted planet. Exploration, hunting, natives, natural, and other disasters will all have to be dealt with.

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18Africa Board Game

18Africa is a free print-and-play board game from the 18xx rail game genre.

Darrell’s 15mm Napoleonics

In Darrell's 15mm Napoleonics Rules, each unit represents an Infantry Battalion, Cavalry Regiment or Artillery Battery consisting of 2 - 4 Stands.

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American War Of Independence Warhammer Variant

Jimi Tubman offers a set of free wargames rules for the American War of Independence based on the Warhammer ECW rules.

De Bellis Toyus

De Bellis Toyus is a set of rules for using kid's toys for wargames. The rules are loosely based on Phil Barker's DBA.

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