Sandarticus Roman Age Game

Sandarticus is a set of free wargames rules for backyard and sandbox games featuring Romans and their numerous adversaries.

Old Negro Space Program

If you’ve had it up to here with Ken Burns’ pretentious, self indulgent “history” films (and even more so of his less-talented imiatators), then you probably will enjoy The Old Negro Space Program. It’s got all of the trademark Burns trouches, including the overstuffed, unintentionally funny “experts.”

The Elephant God E Book

Fans of colonial wargaming looking for a good read should check out Gordon Casserly’s The Elephant God. Written in 1921, it’s set in colonial India.

Of all the swarming herds of wild elephants in the Terai, the Mysore, or the Ceylon jungles no man, white or black, has ever seen one that had died a natural death — yet many have watched them climbing up the great mountain rampart of the Himalayas towards regions where human foot never followed. The Death Place of the Elephants is a legend in which all jungle races firmly believe, but no man has ever found…

It’s available as a free ebook download.

Wendy’s Fantasy RPG

Wendy’s — yes, the fast food chain — has released an RPG free for the downloading: Feast of Legends. From the description:

You are adventurers in the realm of Beef ’s Keep, where the nations have been splintered over major disagreements in how to treat the realm’s people. Creepingvale and the United Clown Nations have led their people into a collective darkness known as The Deep Freeze. While the world currently feels like a cold and desolate place, you reside in the one nation that remains a true beacon of hope: Freshtovia.

Creepingvale has a creepy king with a paper crown …

Simple Colonial Wargaming Rules

Robert Cordery offers “Simple Colonial Wargaming Rules.” He writes

SCWaRes � pronounced “squares” � began life as a simple set of �fast play� rules for use with teenagers who had never played a traditional figure wargame before. The design parameters were: To have a turn sequence that kept the players involved throughout each turn; To have simple morale systems that dealt with unit and formation morale; To reduce the measuring of movement and weapon ranges to zero; To have simple systems for resolving fire combat and close combat; To include an element of uncertainty into the outcome of each game To produce a game that could be played to a conclusion in about an hour.