Modeling Cargo Containers

Here's a video on how to model cargo containers.

HPS Simulations’ Tigers On The Prowl (1996)

Tigers On The Prowl was HPS' 1996 computer game of WWII Eastern Front combat. A classic hex and counter game, it is available in an MS-DOS emulator on the Internet Archive.

Necropolis Horror Skirmish Game

Necropolis is described as a:

Necropolis is a home-grown horror skirmish miniatures game that pits a small group of desperate heroes against a variety of horror enemies from zombies to vampires, werewolves, serial killers and anything else a fevered mind can come up with

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Viking Raid Rules

Viking Raid is a set of free wargames rules that uses playing cards for action resolution.

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Modern Warfare: Infantry Attack

Modern Warfare: Infantry Attack is a set of free wargames rules for modern fire teams.