Magma Board Game

Magma is an abstract territory control print-and-play game from Invisible City

Fantasy Banners

The City of Solis website has some good looking, hand drawn banners that you can cut out and use with your Warhammer, Chronopia, or other fantasy armies.

How To Draw Paper Soldiers

Matt Fritz has some good instructions for drawing your own paper soldiers. This would be a good way to try out a new period!

Genghis Khan Website

From a wargamer’s perspective, what’s not to like about the world’s greatest conqueror? Here’s a website on Genghis Khan with some good background information, including maps, biographical basics, and a nice look at Mongolia today. This last would be good for some of you doing the “Back of Beyond” games.

The Feldmachink

The Feldmachink is a device that allows full hidden movement in any miniatures wargame system without a referee. You can get instructions for it here.