Canon Papercraft

Canon offers a huge variety of papercraft animals, toys, vehicles and architecture. There may be something here for your miniature wargames.

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Mecha Paper Standups

For a large selection of paper standup models of anime style mechs, click on the link.

Christmas War Paper Models

One Monk offers a selection of Christmas Wars paper figures. There are polar bears, Krampus and Velociraptors in Santa Hats in Scarves.

I have no idea what you would use these for. But they're cool.

Dungeons and Dragons Paper Model Buildings

Many moons ago, TSR / Wizards of the Coast released a series of paper buildings for use in D&D games. They're now available free for the downloading. Any medieval / fantasy wargamer will find these useful. I think they've really stood the test of time.

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Warhammer 40K Chaos Warhound Titan Paper Model

Given the absurd prices on Warhammer 40K Titan models, this paper model of a Warhammer 40K Chaos Warhound Titan may be just what you needed.