Free Dropship Paper Model

Grey Matter Games offers a free paper model of a science fiction dropship, suitable for games from 6mm – 28mm.

Gallic Counter Set For Warmaster

The League of Ordinary Gamer has a set of Gallic counters that you can use in lieu of miniatures of Gauls.

Facehugger Paper Models

Here’s are some 28mm scale paper models of the facehuggers from Aliens.

Paper Table Models

The “D4 D6 D8 D10 D12 D20” gaming blog has some free paper models of wood tables for your D&D, fantasy or medieval games.

Battlefield Props For Modern Urban Games

A great skirmish level wargames table is littered with the paraphernalia of modern life. Here’s a site where you can get free print-and-play models for things like coin-op video games, boxes, pop machines and more.