10mm Paper Science Fiction Buildings

Hawks Wargames has a large selection of downloadable 10mm full color paper model science fiction buildings.

Four Wheel Science Fiction Utility Vehicle Paper Model

The Toposolitario site offers a wonderful set of four wheeled science fiction utility vehicle paper models. Looking a bit like the Dark Knight movie Batmobile, they come in a variety of colors and styles.

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Retro Tank Paper Model

Here's a beautiful free paper model of a retro tank. It looks like a lot like some of the tin tanks that my grandparents had stored in their attic -- they belonged to my uncles. This would be useful for a variety of early 20th century pulp games.

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Paper Old School Warhammer Buildings

Here are a couple of paper buildings in the style of old school Warhammer fantasy.



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Paper Miniatures For The Fantasy Trip and Other Dungeon Crawls

While these paper miniatures were specifically designed for The Fantasy Trip, they certainly would be useful for any other dungeon crawl or RPG game.

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