Adding Snow and Ice To Your Wargames Terrain

This video on adding snow, ice and sludge to your wargaming terrain. Useful stuff for the currently popular Frostgrave rules.

Making Snowy Pine Forest Bases

For Osprey Games’popular Frostgrave rules, here’s a tutorial on making snowy pine forest bases.

Frostgrave Spell Cards

For the recently released Frostgrave rules, here are a set of print-and-play spell cards.

Core Spell Book PDF For Frostgrave

Here’s a free, printable pdf of the core spellbook for Frostgrave

“Old School” Style Frostgrave Character Sheets

Frostgrave Madcap Toddlekin 01

Quindia Studios has a set of free Frostgrave character sheets, done in an “old school” style.

Frostgrave is a set of rules from Osprey Publishing about wizard-led gangs searching for loot in a frozen city.