One Brain Cell Vietnam Rules

One Brain Cell Vietnam Rules are a set of free wargames rules for games set in the Vietnam War. They are designed to be a simple, beer-and-pretzels set.

One Man One Gun Rules For Plastic Army Men

One Man One Gun is a set of free wargames rules for plastic army men.

Lightning War and Red Storm Modern Rules

Lightning War And Red Storm is a set of free wargames rules for modern warfare. They’re in the files section of the Yahoo group. The author writes:

Lightning War is a game of warfare during the age of machinery. It is a game of strategy and tactics where battles (of perhaps more than one day) are able to be played in a few hours. The basic unit of control is the battalion (or national equivalent). This is a unit of individual bases (usually around four), where each base represents a company (or squadron of tanks). This battalion-sized unit is called a combat unit. A group of these combat units, usually two to four, is called a battle group. An example of a battle group is a British armoured brigade, where the individual armoured regiments are the combat units. The four bases within each represent the squadrons within the regiments. The focus of Lightning War is not on detail (for instance, range bands and armour penetration tables) but on troop types, the training of the soldiers involved and command control.

Agent Decker Card Game

Agent Decker is a print-and-play card game with a spy / espionage theme. The author writes:

AGENT DECKER is a mission-based deckbuilding game for one player where you’ll acquire gear and skills by facing obstacles. The alarm raises every turn, so you must pick who you take out. Do you go for the cool weapon, or take out the security camera?

Chinese Takeout Martial Arts Rules

Chinese Takeout is a set of free wargames rules for recreating Hong Kong martial arts movies on the desktop. The authors write:

Chinese Takeout is a game of Martial arts and Sorcery for two or more players. If you happen to have a great knowledge base on all the moves and equipment of the oriental arts then don’t get too excited. My inspiration for Chinese Takeout is very much the Kung-Fu/ Kill Bill/ Crouching Tiger kind of martial arts, where the heroes move almost exactly as if they were on wires suspended from cranes and the job of a henchman has got to be the most depressing career available. Maybe it pays well?

31 full colour pages with simple rules and great subtlety built in. Kids can pick it up in minuites. Adults can spend weeks fine tuning their character and combos.