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WRG Infantry Action 1925 – 1975 Rules

The classic WRG Infantry Action 1925 - 1975 rules are available free for the downloading. These are the June, 1972 edition of the rules. The link opens a pdf.

Bekaa Blues Modern Micro Armor Rules

Bekaa Blues is a set of free wargames rules for 1/285 micro armor battles set in Lebanon in 1982.

Indo-Pakistani Campaign for Not Quite Mechanized

Chris Kemp has a mini campaign for his Not Quite Mechanized rules.

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Modernish Armor Rules

Felbrig Herriot offers his Modernish Armor Rules. The author writes:

These rules came about after deciding to buy some Ultra Modern 1/285th scale models of modern tanks. I couldn't find any simple quick play rules so after referring to Gulf war anecdotes and of course Janes recognition guides I came up with these. They are simple to use and rely on the common D6.

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