Air Wars Rules

Air Wars is a set of free wargames rules for air combat in the Vietnam War era.

Vietnam Skirmish Rules

From The Black Dog of Doom comes a set of Vietnam Skirmish Rules. The author writes:

This is a set of wargame rules for playing a middling size skirmish set in the American/Vietnam war. The rules were written for use with 20mm metal minis and have been used in that role a number of times.

As well as the figures and terrain, you will also need to supply some standard dice, a measuring stick, lots of tiddley winks and some crunched up balls of paper!

The rules feature the use of supressing fire which will pin all but the bravest of warriors. In game terms, supressing fire reduces the ability of the supressed to interfere with your plans.

Also included are some rules for handling vehicles and artillery fire, although these features are not expected be the focus of the game. In play each player will easily be able to handle 20-30 figures.

Quick Play Low Intensity Warfare Campaign Rules

Quick Play Low Intensity is a set of free wargames rules for playing campaigns set in Vietnam or similar conflicts.


Air War Vietnam Rules

Air War Vietnam is a set of free wargames rules for simple air to air combat in Vietnam. The authors says Air War-Vietnam is highly suitable for group play and can be learned quickly, with only a few pages of rules. The rules include all markers and templates needed to play the game.

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