Malevolence Sci Fi Skirmish rules

Inspired by Hasslefree's miniatures, Malevolence is a small-scale sci fi skirmish game. Better yet -- the author says that he uses it for his Zombie Games.


Malevolence v0.2

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Dying Star Oblivion Skirmish Quickstart Rules

Dying Star Oblivion is an skirmish game based on Samsun Lobe's Dying Star series. You can get the files via their Facebook page here.

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Colonial Skirmish Rules

The Tyneside Wargames Club offers their free wargames rules for Colonial skirmishes.

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Across The Dead Earth Post Apocalyptic Skirmish Rules

Across The Dead Earth is a commercial product, but for now, the company offers a free pdf version.

Pot That Fellow, Somebody Colonial Rules

Pot that Fellow, Somebody is a set of free miniatures rules for the colonial era. Author RP Bergman writes:

These rules are intended to fight Colonial quasi-skirmish level games with multiple players and 2-3 units per players. Colonial players includes Europeans, Americans, and any other modern power with advanced military technology. Native players include includes Zulus, Dervishes, Pathans, etc. Units are rated according to Morale Quality, Melee Skill, and Firearms Skill. The Morale of units degrades as they lose leaders, take casualties, suffer from the heat, or fail to take action during the battle. Eventually, even the best unit may "run away" to live, fight (and die) another day. Units take a variable number of actions each turn, with the better quality troops having a higher chance of taking more actions.

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