Wild In The Streets Skirmish Gang Warfare

Wild In The Streets is a skirmish level game of modern gang warfare.

Medieval Skirmish Rules

Bob Beattie offers a set of Medieval Skirmish Rules.

Relics Fantasy / Steampunk Miniatures Rules

Tor’s game Relics pretty much defies categorization. It’s a fantasy world, with a black-powder/steampunk vibe. Some of the factions look like homicidal dolls, while other resemble the faerie of yore. You can take a look at the rules for free at the link.

Stargate Solo Rules

I love Stargate and have long wanted to do a game set in its universe. Here are a set of solo rules for Stargate.

Sengoku Jidai Samurai Skirmish Rules

Sengoku Jidai is a set of quick play samurai skirmish rules. There’s also a Korean supplement.