Focused Firepower WWII Rules

Focused Firepower is a set of free wargames rules for playing WWII skirmish games. The authors write:

Focused Firepower is a scenario-driven 1:1 wargame designed for use with 1/72 scale miniatures. We have endeavoured to offer an in-depth game system with the focus on realism, but the system we have developed is easy to learn and games flow well.

As a 1:1 system the models you have on the tabletop represent the exact troops and vehicles. The majority of other game systems use a more abstract method where one unit actually represents several, or where entire units are modelled on a single base and dealt with as a whole. We found that our method provides a more accurate and realistic impression of real warfare.

By focusing our game on realism we have found that real-world tactics work just as well on the tabletop and we highly recommend reading the fantastic range of WWII tactics books published by Osprey.

WWII Naval Rules

Here are a set of WWII Naval rules created by the author for playing with his homemade WWII ships.


WWII DBA is a set of free wargames rules for WWII Games based on the tried and true DBA mechanisms.

Panzerschlacht WWII Rules

Panzerschlacht is a set of free wargames rules for WWII micro armor. The author writes:

This is the World War 2 version of AToS. It uses exactly the same game mechanisms and, apart from the weapon factors, the only difference is that the ground scale has been increased to 1mm = 1 metre to allow for more aesthetically pleasing ranges.

In our games we mark all casualties on the vehicle and figure bases. This allows a paperless game with no book-keeping whatever. By allowing the models to represent more than one vehicle it becomes possible to field an entire panzer division on an eight by six foot table.

Coastal Warfare Rules

Richard Bradley has a set of WWII Coastal Warfare Rules. This is a period I’ve always wanted to play.