Destroyer Commander

Destroyer Commander is a variant for Mongoose Games’ Victory At Sea that focuses on smaller ship actions. I have always wanted to do Destroyer and PT Boat games.

Crush The Fascist Vipers WWII Rules

Crush The Fascist Vipers is a set of free wargames rules for 6mm WWII games.

Rare Color Film From WWII: Saipan and The Marianas

When I was growing up, every WWII documentary was in black and white, so I — along with everyone else — just assumed there was no color footage. Happily, over the past couple of decades, lots of color footage has surfaced.

These clips are from the Battle of the Philippine Sea, June 19–20, 1944, also known as the Marianas Turkey Shoot. The ground campaign of the Battle of Saipan too place 15 June – 9 July 1944.

Color also makes the horrors of war much more apparent.

Dad’s Army Rules

The Think Tank offers a set of rules for the Home Guard in Britain during World War II. I’ve never seen the show “Dad’s Army,” but can’t stop thinking about the “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” song, Old Home Guard.


Fast Large Air Combats

Fast Large Air Combats is a set of free wargames rules for WWII air combat game using 1:144 or 1:100 scale miniatures. The rules are designed so that a single player can control multiple aircraft.