Kwik Kursk Fast Play WWII Rules

Kwik Kursk is Matt Unsworth’s name for his fast play rules for recreating the pivotal battle of Kursk — the largest armor battle in the history of the world. The game also includes links to paper tank downloads.

The Few: Battle of britain Fast And Easy Rules For Students

Matt Unsworth offers a set of free wargames rules called The Few that he uses with his students to simulate the Battle of Britain.

Hans Und Panzer WWII Rules

Hans Und Panzer is a set of free wargames rules for WWII tank combat. The author writes:

Hans in Panzer is a game of tank combat in World War II. Using small scale soldiers and vehicles, you can recreate an entire battle on a coffee table. The rules accommodate tanks and equipment used by merican, German, British and Russian forces. The average space for a game would be 4” by 8” or so. Using these rules, you can even play on a coffee table. All you need are miniature soldiers, terrain pieces, measuring sticks and six-sided dice.

Tank Craft: Panther Tanks. German Army and Waffen-SS, Normandy Campaign 1944 — Book Review

Tank Craft: Panther Tanks. German Army and Waffen-SS. Defense of the West 1945
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One of a series of books in Pen and Sword’s Tank Craft books, Panther Tanks focuses on late war models of the German tank.

The book is part history, part identification guide, part painting and modeling instructions. If you are a modeler or a miniature wargamer and Panther tanks appear on your table, this book strikes me as invaluable.

Tank Craft: Panther Tanks is published in a 21cm x 30cm perfect bound format with 64 glossy pages. There are 32 pages of color illustrations.

The color illustrations consist of twenty drawings showing various variations of the Panther, along with different camouflage schemes. There are also photographs of scale models in various stages of assembly, comparing the products of various manufacturers.

The remaining pages of Tank Craft: Panther Tanks are notes on actions fought by various Panzer units, unit organizations, and a general history of the tank.

It’s a good book, and I recommend it to people interested in WWII tanks and unit organizations.

Instant Thunder Air War Rules

Nigel Lancaster has written a set of abstract modern air war rules called Instant Thunder, and has graciously permitted MiniatureWargaming to host them. This is a major work, with 28 pages of rules, aircraft and missle lists, and designers notes.

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The Squadron Game

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