Squad Leader In Miniature

Squad Leader In Miniature is just that: an effort to convert Squad Leader for use with 15mm miniatures on a tabletop, rather than cardboard chits on a board. All the docs are in a Yahoo Group, but it has instant membership.

Panzer Kids Basic

Panzer Kids Basic is a set of pay-what-you-want rules for tabletop skirmishes between WWII tanks. The author writes:

Panzer Kids Basic contains all the rules to run simple tabletop skirmishes between World War II tanks. You provide the miniatures, dice, and terrain to use. The rules outline how to set up the battlefield, deploy your tanks, move them to get the best shots on opponents while taking advantage of cover, and attack! The game offers suggestions on matching up opposing tanks from World War II, with cards describing game stats for several period Axis and Allied tanks.

Panzer Kids introduces wargaming newcomers to fundamental elements like movement, range, line of sight, cover, and casualties. Appropriate for adults interested in learning about miniature wargames or introducing children to the hobby.

The 16-page PDF files includes basic rules, examples, tips, and tank stat cards. Two full-page extras include all eight tank cards on one sheet and a turn summary reference sheet.

World War II Skirmish Rules

The Tyneside Gamers offer a set of World War II skirmish rules. Lots of other rules sets at the page also.

World War II Battles In France

Battles in France is a set of free wargames rules for platoon operations in World War II. The author writes:

WWII Battles in France covers two distinct battles; the fighting in France and southern Belgium in May of 1940 and the fighting in Normandy, France during July of 1944. Each player assumes the role of a battalion commander with two or more companies under their command.. The game is designed for one or two players per side with 250 build points . a side if defending, 375 points if a meeting engagement and 500 points if attacking.

Seas of Lead WWII Naval Rules

Seas of Lead is a set of free wargames rules for World War II Naval games. Along with the rules are some good looking unit data cards that they made using the Magic Set Editor.