Here’s an idea for a miniature wargaming scenario: During WWII, a group of US paratroopers, or British commandos are sent to destroy a V-2 rocket base. Of course, to do this, you’re going to need to add a model of a V-2 rocket to your terrain. This website has a free paper model of a V-2 rocket in 1/32 scale. You could easily rescale it on your computer.

Printing and Basing Paper Soldiers

Matt Fritz has some advice on printing and basing paper soldiers for your miniatures wargames.

Land Ironclad Model

There has been a surge in interest in playing “Battles by Gaslight” in 15mm scale. No steampunk miniature wargame would be complete without a land ironclad or two. This 15mm Land Ironclad paper model fits the bill. It is based on one portrayed in a 1903 short story by H.G. Wells. From Ralph Currell.

City Walls Paper Model

Wizards of the Coast has this free 25mm – 28mm wargames model of Intact and Ruined City Walls.

Paper Medieval Cottages

Wizards of the Coast has this 25mm – 28mm papermodel of a medieval cottage. You could print out a whole bunch of these and have a whole village for your miniature wargames skirmishes.