Land Ironclad Model

There has been a surge in interest in playing “Battles by Gaslight” in 15mm scale. No steampunk miniature wargame would be complete without a land ironclad or two. This 15mm Land Ironclad paper model fits the bill. It is based on one portrayed in a 1903 short story by H.G. Wells. From Ralph Currell.

City Walls Paper Model

Wizards of the Coast has this free 25mm – 28mm wargames model of Intact and Ruined City Walls.

Paper Medieval Cottages

Wizards of the Coast has this 25mm – 28mm papermodel of a medieval cottage. You could print out a whole bunch of these and have a whole village for your miniature wargames skirmishes.

Paper Models Of Science Fiction MASH Container Units

The TopSolitario website has a paper model of a science fiction Mobile Army Surgical Hospital (MASH) container unit. Its designed for Infinity, but would be useful for any science fiction game.

Ravensblight Manor

Ravensblight Manor is a free paper model of a haunted house. I took a look at it, and think that it would be just about the right size for 25mm – 28mm figures.