Cardstock Model Building Tutorial

As the quality and diversity of cardstock models increases, here’s a nice tutorial on making them.

Watchtower Paper Models

If making a watchtower from scratch is a little above your modeling skills, you might be interested in these very nice paper model watchtowers.

Paper Model Bait Ammo Beer and Grocery Shop

Here’s a nice paper model of a backcountry hillbilly or cajun grocery, bait, ammo and beer store.

Paper Tardis Models

Here’s a selection of paper models of various versions of the Tardis from Dr. Who.

Free 3D Terrain For Dust Tactics

Top Solitario, one of my favorite sites for its quality free paper products, has a selection of 3-D terrain pieces for Dust and other games which can be downloaded, printed and quickly constructed — a bonus is that they also fold flat!