Howl’s Moving Castle Paper Model

For fans of the wildly imaginative Miyazaki animated films, here’s a paper model of Howl’s Moving Castle. It might have some use in a fantasy or steampunk game; otherwise, it just looks like it would be fun to build.

Haunted Mansion Entry Gate

Haunted Dimensions has a free paper model of the spooky entrance gate outside Disney’s Haunted Mansion.

Paper Crypt Models

The Haunted Dimensions site has paper models of three small crypts. The only downside of these is that the back of the crypts are defaced with site advertising. Still, there’s also a brick wall there that you can paste the crypts up against.

Paper Model “L” Tracks

In N scale here are some free paper models of the tracks of Chicago’s famous “L”.

Paper Testudo Model

For Warhammer Ancient Battles, here is a paper model of a Roman testudo in 25mm/28mm scale.