Photos of China circa 1912 in Color

As the owner of a large number of Boxer Rebellion figures, I appreciate these photos of China in color circa 1912. My guess is that this is pretty representative of China over a long period of time, and will be useful for gamers from the Opium Wars through the revolution.

Atmospheric Wargaming Photos

Here’s an impressive set of Flickr photos with atmospheric Warhammer 40K images.

Eye Candy: The Prancing Pony Inn

Here’s a set of photos of a wonderful wargaming rendition of the Lord of the Rings’ Prancing Pony Inn.

War of the Roses Photos

Here’s a gallery of dozens of photos of very nicely painted War of the Roses miniatures.

Eye Candy: Sudan Campaign

Lonely Gamers has some terrific photos of a Sudan engagement. Photos like these always make me want to start a new period.