SAGA Crusades Game in 60mm

Here’s a video with photos from our group’s recent game of SAGA Crusades, featuring 60mm! figures. All of the figures were painted by Brad N.

The game was Saracens versus Crusaders. The Crusaders got the upper hand early, severely damaging several Saracen units. But the the dice went against them and the Saracens were able to kill the Warlords of both the Norman and Spanish contintents.

Bronze Age Skirmish Photos: Israelites vs Philistines

Here’s a photo montage of our recent game featuring Israelites vs Philistines in a bronze age skirmish. The rules were a home made variant of Games Workshop’s Lord of the Rings Skirmish Rules.

The Philistines had superior numbers and were better in hand-to-hand combat. The Israelites had a high percentage of missile troops (bow and sling) who were poor in close combat, but were led by Judges (as in Gideon and Ehud, not Dredd). It was a near thing, but in the end, the might of the Judges prevailed.

Photos From The Pro Or Con Convention, Westland, Michigan, Nov. 2014

Photographs of American Revolution Veterans

Amazingly, we have a few photographs of veterans of the American War of Independence, taken in the 1860s.

Photos of Veterans of the Napoleonic Wars

In 1858, a group of surviving soldiers of Napoleon’s Grand Armee were photographed wearing their original uniforms. You can see the photos at the link.