Gallery of Pulp Magazine Covers

James Allen Saint John

For pulp gaming inspiration, here’s a gallery of pulp magazine covers.

Pulp Science Fiction Inspiration

This Flickr album has a series of covers of British pulp science fiction magazines. There’s lots here for inspiration.

Early 20th Century Color Photos

Here’s a collection of color photos from around the world taken by French banker Albert Khan as he toured the world — in 1909!

Russian Front WWII Miniatures Game Video

Here’s a photo collage of my WWII Russian Front Game. Figures are mostly Battle Honors. The rules we used were Disposable Heroes. The buildings, roads and river all were hand made by yours truly.

Mexican American War Video Photo Collage

Here’s a photo collage of our group’s December 2014 Mexican American War game in 54mm. Eleven players used the Song of Drums and Shako Rules, with house rules.