Gross Jagersdorf Board Game

Gross Jagersdorf is a free board game of the August 30, 1757 battle between the Russians and Prussians in the Seven Years War.

Armies of Finland 1783 – 1811

The New York Public Library has a large collection of color plates of the armies of Finland in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

Uniforms of Norway and Sweden 1500 – 1909

Here’s a large selection of color plates of the uniforms of Norway and Sweden from 1500 – 1909.

Victorian Web

The Victorian Web site has a wealth of articles on life in the Victorian era. You could spend a very long time reading the material there.

German Military Uniforms 1740 – 1900

The New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery has color plates of German military uniforms dating from 1740 – 1900. These include the uniforms of German states such as Anhalt, Bavaria, Saxony, Hamburg, Hessen, Prussia, Nurnburg, Saxe-Weimar, Wurtemburg, and Westphalia.