Charge Yr Pikes

Charge Yr Pikes is a set of free wargames rules for the English Civil War. The authors write:

This set of rules is considerably modified from the first edition, which was in turn a modified version of CAVALIERS AND ROUNDHEADS’, by Gygax & Perren. These modifications were based on general dissatisfaction with the parts of the first edition that contrasted most with the “Brom Standard” rules which were introduced to our club by Larry Brom. The later editions (3rd, 4th and this one) are merely attempts to “fine-tune” the second edition.

English Civil War Rules

MAWS offers a set of free wargames rules for the English Civil War. They’re meant for 25mm/28mm figures wehre one figure equals 10 men

Pike and Shot Miniatures Rules

Pike And Shot is John Armatys’ set of free wargames rules for fighting battles of the English Civil War. The rules also can be used to resolve battles of other 17th Century Western European conflicts. The rules set appears designed for 15mm figures, but has special instructions for using 25mm figs.

Wargames Rules 1685-1845

Wargames Rules 1685-1845 is a set of classic WRG rules from 1977. I own a copy, but you can get your own in pdf form at the link.

Command and Colors English Civil War Variant

Here’s an English Civil War variant of the Command and Colors rules. You’ll also need the Command and Colors: Napoleonics rules, which are freely available on the GMT Games website.