Bronze Age Collapse Card Game

Bronze Age Collapse is a three player DIY card game about the rapid decline of civilizations during the period 1200 - 1150 BC.

Installation 42 Print-And-Play

Installation 42 is a free print-and-play deck building game with a science fiction theme. Looks good.

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Exorcist Card Game

Exorcist is a card game for two players in which the winner is the one who wins all the soul tokens.

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Pocket Imperium Free Card Game

Pocket Imperium is a free card game of the Expand, Explore, Exploit and Exterminate genre. It's designed for three players (not many of these) and uses just 18! cards.

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Horcrux Hunters

Horcrux Hunters is a DIY card game for two or more players set in the Harry Potter universe.