Biohazard War Card Game

Biohazard War is a DIY card game based on the Resident Evil series. The two player game uses familiar collectible card game mechanics.

There Can Be Only One Card Game

There Can Be Only One is a card game based on the Highlander franchise that depicts two immortals fighting a duel. This is a DIY game, requiring the re-purposing of a standard deck of cards.

Resident Evil Relived

Resident Evil Relived is a meld-making card game for two to four players based on the Resident Evil franchise. This DIY project requires crafting a large set of cards.

Plotypus Storytelling Game

Plotypus is a

collaborative storytelling game; it enables any group to tell an epic story with a riveting plot. Players draw setting and character cards for inspiration and narrate the story through eight pivotal chapters.

The game is best with 2-5 players but works with any group size. Duration depends on personal preference and ranges from 15 - 45 minutes. Plotypus is appropriate for all ages

Occult WWII Card Game

Occult World War II is a two player Warpspawn Card game. You need to make your own cards to play.

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