Young Jacob Marley Board Game

Young Jacob Marley is a free print-and-play game from Cheapass Games. In it, your task is to make the most by lending money.

After You, Sir Card Game

After You, Sir is a card game where players battle to be the biggest gentleman. Gameplay involved reducing your opponent’s hand while keeping yours filled.

Food Truck Failures Print and Play Card Game

Food Truck Failures is a print and play card game where the players compete to make the most money in the food truck business.

Kill Doctor Lucky Print and Play

Kill Doctor Lucky is a new classic board game that has been through several editions since first publication in 1997. You can get a print-and-play of the original version at the link.

Unexploded Cow Print and Play Game

Unexploded Cow is a commercial product from Cheapass Games, but you can get a free print and play version at the link. The game has an hysterical premise: that bovines suffering from mad cow disease are being used to solve the problem of unexploded bombs in Europe left over from the wars.