Napoleon at Chattanooga

Dave Ferris offers Napoleon at Chattanooga, a print and play boardgame that simply has to be described by the author himself:

Napoleon at Chattanooga: Boardgame of Napoleon's famous campaign in the Tennessee Valley, conquest of the Solar System, and an armoured regiment named Bob. Some assembly required. My most successful boardgame design. 420K zipped archive includes maps, counters (must be glued to cardstock and cut out), charts, rulebook, and errata.

Battle of Ayrene’s Woods Fantasy Board Game

The Battle of Ayrene's Woods is a free print-and-play fantasy board game.

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Country Houses Card Game

Country Houses is a DIY card game in which players are 19th century landowners.

Patton’s Lorraine Campaign

Patton's Lorraine Campaign is a free print-and-play, hex-and-counter wargame from Lou Coatney.

Gazala Gallop

Gazala Gallop is Lou Coatney's free print-and-play, hex-and-counter wargame of Rommel's outflanking the Gazala line and taking Tobruk in 1942.