Free Heritage Dwarfstar Games

Back in the day, I owned a couple of Heritage’s Dwarfstar Games. They were a lot of fun. Now, several of them are available for a free download at this website.

The Shining Print and Play Game

The Shining is a print-and-play game based on the Stephen King novel of the same name. King himself apparently participated in playtesting.

Dungeon Janitor’s Apprentice

Dungeon Janitor’s Apprentice is a two player storytelling game. The author writes:

Dungeon Janitor’s Apprentice is a storytelling game for two! One player is the Dungeon Janitor, who wants to get the dungeon cleaned as quickly as possible. The other player is the Dungeon Janitor’s new Apprentice, who wants to get stuck doing as little work as possible. These two characters argue by making up backstory for the dungeon.

To play, you’ll need just some tokens and the rules. You’ll get a double-sided PDF that you can print and fold into a little rules booklet (as well as a plaintext version). On the back of the rules is a labelled dungeon map to help inspire players during play.

After You, Sir Card Game

After You, Sir is a card game where players battle to be the biggest gentleman. Gameplay involved reducing your opponent’s hand while keeping yours filled.

G63 Gettysburg 1863 Board Game

G63 Gettysburg 1863 is a hex-and-counter board game of the battle of Gettysburg. The print-and-play game is free for the downloading. I am not sure, however, if it is entirely serious in nature. There are just two counters and the board has just seven hexes. The rules, however, seem to indicate something more serious. Strange.