Dune Express

Dune Express is a print-and-play board game based on the 1970s era Avalon Hill game Dune. The authors write:

DUNE Express is a print-and-play boardgame. It is based on a game published in the late 70s, which was set in the well known science fiction universe created by Frank Herbert. The original game was quite complicated. DUNE Express is a community-written version of this game which is much more simple and quicker to play (hence the “express”). I chose to take these Express rules and create all the components for the game as a portfolio piece. I was keen to give it a Steampunk theme and to avoid it looking too technologically advanced.

Villehardouin Free Board Game

Villehardouin is a free map-and-counter board game from the great designers at Perfect Captain. It’s a game about the Byzantine Reconquest of the Morea in southern Greece in the year 1263 AD.

Dexterity Jane Print and Play Game

Dexterity Jane is an interesting party game that involves making hand signals to reflect the prompts on cards on the table. It will be available in the fall as a commercial product, but you can get a print-and play at the link:


Standard Games Fan Site

I’ve sold many games over the years, and generally don’t regret those decisions. But there is one set I wish I still had: the Standard Games Outremer, Cry Havoc and Dark Blades games. They were beautifully illustrated hex and counter board games of man-to-man combat. You can learn more on a fan site here. The site has the rules for downloading. With single 15mm or 28mm figures and the now-available hex sheets, you could easily do some very nice games. You also can play the Cyberboard Version.

Take Back Toe Print and Play

Take Back Toe is a free print and play game with elements of mancala and backgammon.