Board Game Finder

Board Game Finder is a neat website that lets you enter some games that you like,  and returns a list of games it thinks you would like. I entered several games I own and really like: Concordia, Clans of Caledonia, Voyages of Marco Polo, Blood Rage, and Istanbul. The site suggested that I try Orleans (which I already know I like), Five Tribes (which I have played and liked) and a lot of others. Reading the reviews of the games on the suggestion list, I think it's on target.

After The Disaster: Triage

After the Disaster: Tirage is a solitaire deck builder where you manage a hospital after a catastrophic earthquake. Playing time is just five to fifteen minures.

Pencils and Powers Print-And-Play Game

Pencils and Powers is a print-and-play game that is billed as a "roll and write." Basically, they're on-page dungeons that are resolved through decisions and dice rolls. The link takes you to the inventor's Facebook page. Click on the Play Game link to get to the files.

The Abstractionist

The Abstractionist is a free print-and-play board game for 2 - 6 players about artists creating color palettes for their abstract paintings. The core mechanism is tile laying.

Germania: Drusus’ Campaigns 12-9 BC Solo Board Game

Germania: Drusus' Campaigns 12-9 BC (direct download) is a free print-and-play solo game:

about about the Roman Conquest of Germany at the end of the 1st Century BC. The Player represents the governor with two objectives. The first is the public one of conquering Germany as far as the Weser and establishing a new Imperial Frontier. the second of increasing his personal fortune. The activities of the German Tribes are determined by a set of rules.

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