Arkham Investigator Paragraph Game

Arkham Investigator is a free paragraph based game that uses many of the same mechanics as the old Sherlock Holmes: Consulting detective game.

Zombie Enclave Solo Board Game

Zombie Enclave is a free print-and-play solo boardgame of the Zombie apocalypse.

(Your Name Here) and the Argonauts

(Your Name Here) and the Argonauts is a free solitaire print-and-play game

of adventures and legends set in Grecian mythology. You will take on the role of a hero set out to recover treasure, slay monsters, and find a place for yourself in the retelling of Greek myths. The game is played with a set of (initially) 30 cards that represent the monsters, treasures, and gods will become the tale of your adventure. This deck, and your character, will change and grow as you play more games, which is meant to reflect how tales become more embellished and outlandish each time they are told.

Dice of Arkham Print and Play Game

I’m a big fan of all things Lovecraft, so this one has my attention: Dice of Arkham is a solo, print-and-play game of Elder Gods and the Things man Was Not Meant To Know.

Krampus Race Board Game

Krampus is essentially Santa’s evil twin, a beastlike creature who punishes naughty children. Here’s a free board game based on the creature:

A mini Holiday board game!

The legend of the Krampus goes back ages. While Santa Claus brought presents and candy to all the good little boys and girls of the World, The Krampus took care of the naughty ones. Sometimes a companion of Santa and his nemesis other times, Krampus collected all the bad children in his sack and took them off to be punished!

Your Krampuses (or is it Krampi) are racing their way to the top of the board while collecting as many bad kids as the can on the way.