Agora Tile Laying Game

Agora is a free print-and-play tile laying game from Cheapass Games.

Pairs Print and Play Game

Pairs is a free print-and-play game from Cheapass Games. You can also purchase printed editions of the game at the same site. From the publisher’s description:

The Pairs deck contains only the numbers 1 through 10, in a triangular distribution (1×1, 2×2, 3×3, and so on up to 10×10).  The basic goal of Pairsis to avoid getting a pair. Your odds will depend on what cards you hold, and which cards you have seen! Scoring pairs earns you points, and the first player to reach a target score is the loser.

Goblin – A Dwarf Star Board Game

Are you old enough to remember the DwarfStar board games? If so, then you probably have the same fond memories as I do. One of my favorites was Goblin. In it, players take turns pillaging and plundering a hapless valley.

You can download a copy of the game here.

La Serpiente Bicycle Race Game

La Serpiente is a free print-and-play bicycle race game. Originally published in 1993 in a Spanish art magazine, it features rules that are nearly luck free.

Astral Dreams Space Opera Miniatures Game

Astral Dreams is a free miniatures game based on the d20 Open Gaming License system. The game’s background is based on a short story of the same name, which involves a war between humans and robots.