Making A Spiked Barrier – Palisade

Intructables has an article on making a “spiked barrier for a Rohan gaming table,” but this sort of palisade would be great for a huge variety of periods and scenarios.

What Terrain Do You Need For Wargames?

I’ve been in this hobby for forty plus years, so I forget what it is like to start out. I’ve got a lifetime’s worth of wargames terrain to fall back on. But if you’re just starting out, here’s a primer on wargames terrain that you may need to start.

Building A Ruined Defensive Wall

A Year of Frugal Gaming Blog has a photo tutorial on making a ruined wall from plywood and other bits.

Constructing Japanese Style Buildings

The Boring Mordheim Forum has a photo tutorial on constructing Japanese style buildings for 28mm figures.