Making Small Hills

Here’s a post on making small hills from corkboard. What I want to do is to make a series of terrain tiles from cork. I just need to find a relatively cheap supply of 1 foot square cork tiles.

Making Stepped Judean Hills

The Legends and Legions blog has a set of instructions for making a nice set of stepped hills for a Judean campaign. I’m interested in this because I have Judean, Assyrian and Philistine armies in 28mm.

Modeling With Plastic Card

Dampf’s Modelling Page has an illustrated article on making a small model (a watering trough and pump) with plastic card of the sort you find in “for sale” signs.

Make Your Own Foam Foliage

Kings Minis has a nice article on how to make your own foam foliage. My wife is doing upholstery on the kitchen chairs, and the’s likely to be surplus of foam. I can’t wait!

Simple Resin Casting Instructions

Dark Future Games has a nice photo tutorial on making simple resin castings.