Building A Magnetic Scoreboard For Bloodbowl

Boromir and Kermit have a tutorial on building a magnetic scoreboard for your Games Workshop BloodBowl games. Actually, there are a lot of sports games out there right now, and this would be adaptable to any of them.

Making Hexagonal Terrain Pieces

Small World Productions has an article on using Litko hex pieces as bases for terrain pieces. They look quite good.

Basic Flocking

MiniBlaze has an article on one of the most basic of miniature wargaming activities: flocking your figures’ bases.

Building A 3D Wiz War Gameboard

The Random Thoughts and Senseless Pastimes Blog has an article on building a 3D gameboard for the classic Wiz War game.

Albatross Steam Flyer Paper Model

You can download a pdf of the Albatross steam flyer shown above.