Six Easy and Cheap DIY Warhammer Terrain Projects

Wrecked Cars In Plaster

Given all of the Zombie gaming going on these days, there’s bound to be a demand for models of wrecked cars. Terragenesis has an article on making casts of car wreckage in plaster.

Making Silicon Molds

At A Year of Frugal Gaming Blog, the author has an illustrated article on his efforts to create a silicon mold to allow him to replicate various architectural parts for terrain making.

Making An Urban Streets Gaming Mat

With all of the zombie games people are running these days, there’s got to be a big demand for a gaming mat marked with an urban streets grid. Skankgames has the solution.

Urban High Rise Ruins From Plastic Storage Crates

Here’s a great idea: using plastic storage crates to represent the steel skeletons of a burned out urban landscape.