Making A Pill Box

Wargaming Miscellany has a photo tutorial on making a bunker out of a hexagonal craft store box.

It is amazing what you can do with just a little imagination and things not intended for the task.

Making A Raft

Wee Blokes has some instructions on making a raft for your miniature wargames.

The core materials are sticks picked up on a walk in the woods.

Adapting Individual Basing to DBA Style Elements

The 15mm Wargaming blog has a nice little article on how he adapts individually based figures to DBA style element basing.

I find it interesting because I do a similar thing myself. All of my ancient and medieval figures are individually based so that I can use them in various skirmish games. However, I also have some magnetic “movement trays” that I stick them on for element-based games (mostly Might of Arms). My cardboard and magnetic vinyl bases, however, don’t look nearly as good as the ones in this article. I base mine on 1 inch washers, though, so I will have to investigate to see what similar things are out there for that size.

Making Flying Stands

The 15mm Wargaming For Fun and Sanity Blog has a clever idea for using clear craft storage containers to make flying stands for figures. I’m thinking about using the method to make “swimming” stands for Deep Wars.

Making A Battle Board

Here are some instructions for making a 2×2 foot battle board.

I find myself constantly intrigued by the concept of using battle boards as opposed to a cloth to cover tables.