Building The Green Tree Inn

A two story, half-timbered inn would be a great addition to any wargames table, and useful in miniatures games ranging from fantasy to World War II. It’d also be a lot of fun to work out a rold playing baroom brawl. Here’s a pictorial tutorial on how to do it. A warning, though, the pictures are HUGE and take a bit of time to download.

Vintage WWII Posters

A nice touch that can make your WWI and WWII terrain more realistic is to put posters on the walls of your buildings. What you need to do is find a site that has pictures of such posters and save the images using your web browser’s “save image as” option. Then you can resize the image using a paint program — or even a decent word processor (import the image into a blank page, then reasize it by grabbing the handles. Once you have the proper size for your figure scale, print it out with a color inkjet.

All you need to do is find the right site. Fortunately, I’ve done that for you. It’s here.

Making The Watcher In The Waters

I got the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition DVDs for Christmas and have been spending my (free) time rewatching the trilogy. This, of course, has caused me to restart work on some Lord of the Rings stuff. I think a neat little game could be had in doing a Fellowship versus the Watcher in the Water scenario at the gates to Moria.

Flocking Gel Tutorial

Renaissance Ink has had “flocking gels” for sale for several years, but I was never sure what they were, or what to do with them. This site has a tutorial on how to use the stuff. Looking closely at the photos, I think I can safely say that flocking gels are textured gesso, of the type that you find in the ladies craft stores, such as Michael’s. I’ve use the gritty gesso to texture the sides of my foamcore houses, and the fibrous type to make thatched roofs.

Making A Necron Tomb World From Packing Material

This video shows how to use basic packing inserts to make effective Necron Tombworld terrain for Warhammer 40K.