Making Town Scatter Terrain

Here’s a nice video on making a bulletin board feature for your fantasy town settings. It’s nice because it blocks line of sight in skirmish games across a fairly wide swath. The techniques used here can be applied to other pieces.

Making Buildings For Gondor

Dagorlad has a great article on the architecture of Gondor, along with instructions for building models for your Games Workshop Lord of the Rings battlegames. It’s simply amazing how he breaks down still photos from teh movies and then translates them into miniature.

Making a House From Dollar Store Foam

Black Magic Craft has some nice instructions on how to build a very nice medieval style house from dollar store foam.

Builidng Edoras

Dagorlad has a series of articles on building a model of Edoras for your Games Workshop Lord of the Rings battle games. It is simply an amazing work.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Building A Burial Mound

Robet Spears has some instructions on builidng a burial mound in 25mm / 28mm scale. It’s the perfect thing for a horror game.