Building Rocky Desert Hills

The 1000 Foot General blog has a good tutorial on building rocky desert hills that are suitable for a wide variety of settings.

Casting Toy Soldiers In Pewter

The Toy Soldiers Forever blog has a video on proper techniques for casting your own toy soldiers from pewter. He also suggests some cheap sources of the metal.

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Precision Cutting Foam For Terrain Boards

The Terrain Tutor has a very clever method for cutting precise sizes for terrain boards.

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S Scale Model Resources

S Scale is the railroad scale that most nearly approximates the 25mm - 28mm figure scale. Unfortunately, until recently it has been rather obscure, difficult to find at even the best stocked hobby store. This website has a vast list of S scale resources.

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Building A Dark Ages Frame House

The Man Cave has some tips on how he built a nice looking dark ages frame house.

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