Making Fire and Smoke

Here’s a nice photo tutorial on making fire and smoke effects for your wargames miniatures. The author has done a nice job on this one.

Make Your Own Laser Cutter

The Instructables site has a tutorial on making your own laser cutter. It uses a pair of old scanners for aligning the x and y axes. The entire project can be done for under $50. As far as I can tell, it will only cut paper … but with a stronger laser and power supply, maybe you could cut cardboard counters, or cardboard bases.

Making Moon Sand

My son got a substance called Moon Sand for his December birthday, and I was immediately struck by the product’s potential for wargaming. It’s basically a sand-like substance that holds its shape like playdough. Perfect for sand tables.

The problem is that it’s very expensive. I saw some big buckets of it at Sam’s Club, but even there you’re talking $4 to $5 a pound.

But as it turns out, someone has already concocted a recipe for recreating the stuff on a much cheaper basis. You can find the recipe for Moon Sand here.

Building A Mole Machine

One of those great ideas that never was is the mole machine — a transport with a giant drill on the front that carries troops under enemy lines.

Here are some instructions for building one for your 28mm troops.

Sculpting A Knight Tutorial

I think that everyone who has ever played with miniatures has thought of sculpting one. Here’s a nice tutorial on sculpting a knight.