Building A Cardboard Hill

Hills are among the most basic sort of terrain you need for a wargames table. Here’s some nice advice on building inexpensive cardboard hills.

Build A Cheap and Quick Wargames Table

Here’s some good advice on quickly building a relatively inexpensive wargames table.

Making A Skull Cave

Terrain Thralls has an illustrated tutorial on making an impressive Skull Cave terrain feature.

Making Wargames Terrain From Christmas Villages

I have often looked at those cheap Christmas village buildings and thought that they would be great for tabletop wargaming — if only they didn’t have those piles of molded snow and Christmas decorations. Here’s an article about converting one of those pieces.

The solution to the snow piles is a head slapper: convert them to patches of moss with foam turf.

Making Wire Trees

The DC 2150 Blog has an entry on making wire trees.