How To Make Balsa Look Like Timbers

Ryan Scow has a tutorial on how to make balsa strips look like timbers for use in models of half timbered houses, stairs and other miniature wargames terrain projects.

Modeling Terrain For Kill Team and 40K

I’ve been on a Kill Team kick lately. It gives me the flavor of the full Warhammer 40K game at a fraction of the expense and time. I have thus been searching for some

Making Ocean Terrain

GHQ, maker of those fabulous microscale armor and ships has a tutorial on making ocean hex tiles. The techniques also could be applied to other terain forms, such as those large styrofoam squares so many seem to use.

Building Desert and Martian Terrain

This video describes how to build some terrific looking desert and Martian terrain.

Making Acacia Trees

WarFactory has a tutorial on making African Acacia Trees.