Wild West Exodus Free Core Game Rules

Wild West Exodus is a skirmish game that mashes the 19th century American West with steampunk and horror themes. You can get the free starter rules here.

The Great Martian War Documentary

Great martian war from PLAZMA on Vimeo.

Wolsung Steampunk Skirmish Game Rules

Wolsung is a set of free wargames rules for steampunk skirmishes. The company also sells a variety of figures to go with the rules.

Ironclads and Ether Flyers Paper Models

Here’s a page with a terrific selection of paper models of steampunk / Space 1889 / Victorian Science Fiction iron clads and ether flyers

Scarf Heroine — Cartoony Steampunk Skirmish Game

Scarf Heroine is a free print-and-play skirmish game with a cartoony steampunkish vibe. There are rules, order cards and cute cutout figures, all free for the downloading and printing.