Tripods and Hussars

Tripods and Hussars is Ty Beard’s set of rules for playing battles set in HG Wells’ War of the Worlds universe.

Vaporoare RPG

Vaporoare is a role playing game, but as is the case with such, it’s full of ideas for skirmish type miniatures games. The author writes:

Vaporoare is a role-playing game of weird science and mad magi in Victorian-era Europe. It imagines a world where Jules Verne wrote technical manuals for ether machines instead of fiction; Mary Shelley penned the autobiography of Dr. Frankenstein, and H. P. Lovecraft didn’t know what he was getting into. It is the world described by Edgar Allan Poe, Lord Dunsany and J. R. R. Tolkien. Europe is alive with races of fiction: elves dwarves and gnomes. These people have lived together since the beginning of time, and now they face their greatest challenge: the Industrial Revolution. Magick is dying, and technology is on the rampage.

GASLIGHT House Rules

GASLIGHT is probably the most played set of Victorian Science Fiction miniatures rules available today. The Rivets and Steam site has a page of houserules for the set.

3D Steampunk Inspiration

Mateen Greenway has produced an amazing set of 3D computer images of victorian science fiction vehicles, including cloudships, ether flyers and cities on Mars. Its a great bit of inspiration.

Le Grande Cirque Rules

Walt O’Hara, tireless advocate of gaming in a gentler time, offers his Le Grande Cirque rules. Walt writes:

The Grand Circuit Races (aka ‘Le Grand Cirque’ by the French and everyone else) is a game of “Conveyance racing” in a weird but whimsical Victorian age loaded with technological possibilities. Players assume the role of racers, competing on behalf of their nation or political faction.