Politics By Other Means

Politics By Other Means is a miniatures matrix game designed to cover all eras.

Soldiers In Time Rules

Soldiers In Time is a set of free wargames rules that let you conduct skirmishes between soldiers of different eras.

I want to play the guys with the machine guns against the stone throwers.

OPUS – One Page Universal System

OPUS is a one page, universal role playing system.

Universal Soldier Rules

Universal Soldier was first published by RAFM in 1977. It is a universal game both in the periods it permits one to play, and in the sliding scale that lets players go from skirmish to large scale battles.

Universal Soldier Extreme / Modern Day Heroes Rules

RAFM offers a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes: Universal Soldier Extreme / Modern Day Heroes

Universal Soldier Extreme is a set of rules for skirmish level miniature gaming using Rafm Miniatures. The focus of the main rules is on the modern era and optional rules are provided to suit any genre ranging from horror, to pulp fiction, to historical combat. The rules focus on the Modern Day Hero’s line as well as the Cthulthu mythos creatures. The inspiration for these figures comes from the traditional H.P. Lovecraft Horror genre as well as modern movies and cinema. These rules are a skirmish level set of rules. This means that each player would command between five and ten miniatures at a time. Although flexible enough to handle many more miniatures it is up to the players to decide how big a game they desire to play. We have found that a game of this level with two players can be finished in one and half to two hours playing time.

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