Quick and Simple Wargames Rules For Everything

Bunkermeister offers Quick and Simple Wargames Rules For Everything.

The General Purpose Wargame

David Medlock offers The General Purpose Wargame, a set of semi-skirmish level wargames rules for simulating battles from the Stone Age to the Victorian.

Savage Worlds Showdown Alpha Rules

PEG has released the latest version of Savage Worlds Showdown, their universal skirmish rules. It’s available for a free download.

A Cast of Thousands Miniatures Rules

A Cast of Thousands is not so much a set of miniatures rules as a rules mechanic. It’s designed to allow you to play “cinematic games” where you set your own level of risk-and-reward.

Crimson Dusk Universal Rules

Crimson Dusk is a new set of science fiction wargames rules. The author writes:

Welcome to Crimson Dusk. Crimson Dusk is a wargames ruleset for tabletop games. These exciting rules cover actions from skirmish level to platoon level. Command your troops onwards as you confront enemy forces, design your armies, and equip them with a miriad of weapons.

Crimson Dusk is a ruleset that allows you to take whatever models you have in your collection, in any scale and use them in wargames. The rules contain full listings for how to design your troops and set points cost to them so you can compete against your friends for mastery of the tabletop. And the great news is that the rules are entirely free to downlaod and share.

The rules are still under development, but on the Rules page you can see how far we’ve come. The current version is not yet the 1st edition, but a working copy, much more will be added to and developed before it is finally released, but take a look and tell us what you think in the forum. This could be your chance to influence how a rulesset is developed.