Crimson Dusk Universal Rules

Crimson Dusk is a new set of science fiction wargames rules. The author writes:

Welcome to Crimson Dusk. Crimson Dusk is a wargames ruleset for tabletop games. These exciting rules cover actions from skirmish level to platoon level. Command your troops onwards as you confront enemy forces, design your armies, and equip them with a miriad of weapons.

Crimson Dusk is a ruleset that allows you to take whatever models you have in your collection, in any scale and use them in wargames. The rules contain full listings for how to design your troops and set points cost to them so you can compete against your friends for mastery of the tabletop. And the great news is that the rules are entirely free to downlaod and share.

The rules are still under development, but on the Rules page you can see how far we’ve come. The current version is not yet the 1st edition, but a working copy, much more will be added to and developed before it is finally released, but take a look and tell us what you think in the forum. This could be your chance to influence how a rulesset is developed.

Warstuff One Page Universal Rules

Warstuff is a set of one page rules for playing games with whatever you have in your box. The author writes:

WarStuff is a single-paged ruleset designed to be played with any miniatures or toys you have at hand. The rules are perfect as an introduction to wargaming for kids, and for conventions and pick-up games where players might have models from different lines.

Brickquest Miniatures Rules

Brickquest is a set of free miniature wargames rules for dungeon adventures along the lines of Heroquest or DungeonQuest. The catch here is that it uses Lego guys.

Lego Knights

Gurth offers a set of free wargames rules for using those Lego figures that your kids (or maybe you!!) have hidden under the bed.

When my kids go off to college, I’m going to have the biggest collection of Legos any middle-aged man has ever had.

Factions Gang Skirmish Rules

Inferno Games offers a set of free wargames rules called “Factions”. It’s designed for 25mm to 28mm skirmish games. Here’s what the authors say:

Factions is a squad based game of warfare between rival gangs. Many stories could be created as to why they are at war with each other. The Core Rule book covers all the rules you will need to begin playing. It includes:

* Short guide on how to play.
* Rules for creating a Space Marine Faction
* Weapons & Equipment
* Vehicles

Factions is similer in many way to a plethora of Games Workshop games (because that is what we based it on). It resembles, in my opinion, a mix of Inquisitor, Necromunda and Mordheim. To play you also recquire many dice including d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20. Also having a d% (a dice with 1-10 on in and a dice with 10, 20 30 ect.) is helpful, although it can be made by having two seperate coloured dice.