Omni War Universal Rules

Omni War is a set of free universal wargames rules. The best part of this set is the incredible number of army lists provided by the author:

  • Structures- Buildings and such to add to the battlefield.
  • Ancients/Biblical- Ancient armies from Biblical times.
  • Iliad- Ancient Greece
  • Fantasy- Similar to Warhammer Fantasy units.
  • Man O’ War- Fantasy naval units.
  • Conquistadores- Inca, Aztec and Cortez
  • Napoleonic- Napoleon era armies.
  • ACW- American Civil War.
  • Battleships- Turn of the century naval units.
  • War of the Worlds- Based on the H.G. Wells novel.
  • Modern- U.S. forces.
  • Modern (International)- List of worldwide armies.
  • Vietnam- Vietnam era units (provided by Paul N. Thanks Paul!).
  • Cinematic- From Sci-fi movies: Aliens, Predator & Starship Troopers.
  • Monster Island- Godzilla type monsters.
  • Superheroes- Generic heroes that you can customize.
  • Car Wars- An adaptation of SJ GamesÔ auto-dueling system.
  • Paranoia- Alpha Complex forces.
  • Flash Gordon- Armies on Mongo.
  • Daleks- Robots from Dr. Who.
  • Futuristic- Majority of Sci-Fi units.
  • Ogre- From the SJ GamesÔ miniature system.
  • Battletech- Rules for Mechs, aerospace fighters and tanks.
  • Star Wars- Based on the original movie trilogy.
  • Dune- Based on Frank Herbert’s novels.
  • Warhammer 40K & Epic (Adapted from NetEpic.)-
    • Spacemarine
    • Imperial
    • Titan Legions
    • Eldar
    • Ork
    • Squat
    • Chaos
    • Tyranid
    • Eldar Pirates
    • Slann & Necron
    • Assassins
    • Sororitas
  • Water Units (Adapted from WetEpic)
  • Mythological (Adapted from Encyclopedia Mythica. No religious connotations should be made.)
    • Greek- Olympian Gods and mythical creatures.
    • Roman- Mostly the same as Greek gods.
    • Norse- Viking gods. Re-create Ragnarok.
    • Judaic/Christian- Biblical powers.
    • Egyptian

WarEngine / Shockforce Rules

WarEngine is a set of universal miniatures rules that was the basis for the relatively well-received ShockForce game. ShockForce is now out of print — although miniatures can still be found. You can still get the WarEngine rules, however at the WarEngine Yahoo Group, or via the Wayback Machine. They’re also available at Wargames Vault.

Simply Skirmish Rules

Simply Skirmish is a set of free wargames rules for easy to play skirmish games. The author writes:

Simply Skirmish is a skirmish system based on GZG’s FMA game system and incorporates FUDGE concepts. It’s goals are a simple, easy to use skirmish system, suitable for table top gaming with up to around two dozen figures and is also suitable for Role Playing Games as well. It accomplishes this with simple, yet subtle, rules for combat that are easy to play and remember.

Battlefields: From Broadswords To Bullets

Battlefields: From Broadswords To Bullets is a set of free wargames rules for battles ranging from ancients to moderns. They’re designed for 20mm / HO Scale figures.

Bravado Universal Wargames Rules

Bravado is a set of free wargames rules suitable for a wide variety of periods. What makes these rules different is what the author calls “the revolutionary concept of Player Determined Initiative Risk Order.” With it, players may choose to gain the initiative, but at increasing risk of exhausting commanders.