Pony Wars Website

Tim Greene has a good site for playing miniatures wargames set in the victorian American West. There is lots of information on the combatants, plus battle reports and rules reviews.

Indian War Rules

Fred Diamond has a simple set of free wargames rules for playing the Indian Wars in the America of the late 19th century.

Plains Indian Horse Symbols

I’m currently painting some of Wargames Foundry’s Plains Indians for a 7th Cavalry game. I found this site, with descriptions of symbols that the Native American warriors painted on their horses.

Simple Solo Wargames Rules For The Wild West

Mark Ainsworth offers a set of simple solo wargames rules for games of the 7th Cavalry against Plains Indians.

Tombstone RPG

Tombstone is a free RPG set in the wild west. It’s designed to be rules-light, and has quick play character creation to get you started.