Great War Spearhead Scenario Generation System

If you’re out of game ideas, here’s a scenario generator for Spearhead: Great War.

Tabletop Teasers Archive

The Tabletop Teasers Archive offers a downloadable collection of Charles Grant’s classic Tabletop Teasers — a series of articles he wrote for various magazines over the past 30+ years. each a military conundrum in the form of a scenario. They’re terrific.

Battles For Empire Free Colonial Scenario Book

Hotz Art Works offers a free scenario book for Colonial conflicts. It’s designed for Battles for Empire II, but any clever gamer is more than capable of converting these to their favorite system. In the book:

  • Imperial Attack: The Battle of Tamai, Sudan, 1884
  • Native Assault: The Battle of Khambula, Zulu War, 1879
  • Native Ambush: The Battle of Ahmed Kheyl, Afghanistan, 1880
  • Native Ambush: The Battle of Intombe, Zulu War, 1879
  • Imperial fighting withdrawal: Fictional battle, Sudan, 1883
  • Imperial raid: The Battle of the Rosebud, Plains War, 1876
  • River Crossing: The Battle Of Nyzane, Zulu War, 1879
  • Siege: Rorke’s Drift
  • Gunboat Assault: Opening The Yangtze, Fictional, Boxer Rebellion, 1900
  • Native Assault: The Battle of Isandlwana, Zulu War, 1879

Victory Conditions For Old West Games

Too many skirmish games just turn into a bloody “to the last man” smackdown. That’s all well and good, but if you want to add a little more complexity to your evenings, Jackson Gamers has a list of objectives and victory conditions for wild west games.