Bravado Horse and Musket Rules

Bravado is a set of free wargames rules for the horse and musket period. There are guidelines for both the American War of Independence and Napoleonic Wars for play. The rules employ an interesting mechanism where the players compete for initiative, deciding how much they will risk disaster in order to have another phase of movement or attack or time to reform their regiments.

Napoleonic Wargames Rules

Steve Burt offers a set of Napoleonic Wargames rules.

In The Name of Glory Rules

In the Name of Glory is a commercial set of Napoleonic Rules that now is available as a pdf download. I have a hard copy of the rules and like them very much.

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Napoleonic Squares Rules

Napoleonic Squares is a set of free wargames rules for the Napoleonic Era from Steve’s Painting Shed.

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Fast Play Napoleonic Rules

These Fast Play Napoleonic Rules are described by the author as DBA-esque via Fire and Fury.