Column, Line and Square Napoleonics Rules

Column, Line and Square was the first set of Napoleonics rules that I ever played — and I suspect, the first set that many people played. We called it Column, Line and Slaughter, though, becuase slaughter was the usual result.

Still, it was fun to play –especially with 25mm figures.

Sadly, the set is apparently no longer in print. But you can get the rules here, free for the downloading.

Napoleonic Wars Rules

Natholeon’s Empires offers a set of free wargames rules for the Napoleonic Wars.

Napoleonic Wargames Rules

Paul Leniston offers a set of free wargames rules for Napoleonics. He and his gamer wife have been playing and testing them for many years.

Into Glory Ride Wargaming Rules

Into Glory Ride is a set of free wargames rules for battles set in the Renaissance and beyond. It covers the era 1500 – 1900.