American War of Independence Wargames Rules

American War of Independence is a set of free wargames rules based on Neil Thomas’ Napoleonic Wargaming and Ancient and Medieval Wargaming. Interestingly, all movement is based on “base widths.”

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The Military Experience In The Age of Reason

I picked up this book at a closeout sale and I’m really glad that I did. As a fan of the American Revolution period, I found it to be full of useful information. Duffy is a superior historian and writer, who manages to combine great detail with an easy to read style. Every aspect of warfare in this period is covered: the officers, common soldiers, sieges, set piece battles, and the home front. It’s a superior read.

Military Experience in the Age of Reason (Wordsworth Military Library)

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La Petite Guerre Skirmish Rules

La Petite Guerre is a set of free wargames rules for the 18th Century.

This game represents an easy yet historically realistic method for simulating 18th century skirmishes.Consequently, all figures should be mounted individually. I use 1×1 inch stands for 25 mm figures. A number of markers are necessary to play La Petite Guerre (I use plastic beads, although cardboard chits would work just as well). You will need markers to distinguish light wounds (blue), severe wounds (black), panicked (yellow), misfires (cotton puff), pinned (purple) and prone (green) as well as markers or a deck of cards to determine the active player. The game tables are the heart of this game. Buck and Ball is for shooting; War Club and Musket Butt is for melee. Morale and Movement charts also are included. This page contains definitions and brief explanations of how to play the game. If in doubt, use common sense.

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Sons of Liberty American Revolution Rules

Sons of Liberty is a set of free wargames rules for miniatures games set in the American Revolution. Author Wes Rogers also offers a play sheet for reference. The scale is 1 figure=20 infantry.

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Loyalty and Glory AWI Rules

Loyalty and Glory are a set of fast play rules for the American Revolution.