The Last Human RPG

In this unusual free role playing game, you play a simple robot charged with defending the last human being. The Last Human is written by Nathan Russel as a part of the 24 Hour RPG Challenge.

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Alienstar Science Fiction Role Playing

Alienstar is a free science fiction role playing game. It is generic and designed to let you play out your favorite science fiction movie settings.

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Doom: The Next Chapter Role Playing Game

Doom: The Next Chapter is both an RPG, and a tabletop strategy game based in the Doom universe. It is a great example of how role playing mechanics can carry over to miniatures gaming.

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World War II Role Playing Game

The World War II RPG by Mikko Kauppinen is designed as a simple game that is deadly to low level characters, but that allows more powerful characters to do very cinematic actions. Characters have three attributes and a number of skills. Action resolution is done by rolling 1d6, subtracting the result from the relevant attribute and adding one. If the result is more than zero, the character has succeeded, and bigger numbers mean greater successes.

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Open Adventure Old School Adventure Game

Open Adventure is a free, open-source old school role playing game. From the description:

Open Adventure is a full-featured tabletop adventure game that offers out-of-box support for medieval fantasy and science-fiction expeditions. In Open Adventure, you play as a heroic or villainous figure free to explore the perilous world created by the all-mighty Game Master. Along your adventure you'll battle ferocious enemies, solve complex puzzles, navigate labyrinthine mazes–and much more!