Advanced Role Playing Mechanics

Advanced Role Playing Mechanics is a minimalist RPG that uses a logarithmic scale for all of its mechanics. Author R.E. Bridson writes that:

It is this scale which allows ARM to handle a huge variety of things, from the very small to the very big, while still using small numbers. Also, it means that multiplication and division are almost completely absent from the system, while the effects of multiplying and dividing are still there!

Because of this scale, the system would work very well for handling super hero games, where the strength of a character like Superman positively dwarfs that of, say, Batman.

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Instant Roleplaying Game

The Instant Game:

is a tool for creating and playing new RPG settings on the spot.With the Instant Game charts and our flexible Instant Game rules set, you can roll up a completely original setting and plot, create and develop characters "on the fly" and be ready to roleplay in just a matter of minutes.

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Geodesic Gnomes RPG

Dyson Logos offers Geodesic Gnomes, a free RPG:

Geodesic Gnomes is a full RPG, with background and setting, character creation and advancement rules, character sheet and even a sample adventure. In the cities of the future, people who find themselves with no place within society because of unemployment, criminal behaviour, or just mental illness find themselves pushed out of the domes that protect them from the hazards of the world around them. And since no one wants to live outside the domes, they move into the one place left for them – into the superstructure of the dome itself.

The game is a cyberpunk-styled RPG where the players take on the roles of the gnomes – the descendents in culture if not genetics of those people who moved into the superstructure of the domes. This is a world that is entirely “off the grid”. They have to scavenge for everything from food to water and in some domes even for air.

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Atomic Highway Post Apocalyptic Role Playing

Atomic Highway is a set of free rules for post apocalyptic role playing.

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Heroic Golden Turbulence Wuxia Role Playing Game

Heroic Golden Turbulence:

was designed to represent the fast-paced action of wuxia fantasy films, a popular canon of Hong Kong action cinema. It has been developed, however, be used for other action-oriented games. It rejects the so-called realism of most rpgs in an attempt to produce a fast, simple system which is accessible to players who don�t like rules but provides enough depth for flavour. It also aims to provide a simple system that retains the tactile pleasures of chucking huge handfuls of dice, a much neglected joy of roleplaying.

HGT uses six sided dice - a whole lot of six sided dice. The combat and crisis system revolves around choosing the colours of dice in your pool to represent your fighting priorities. This reduces the number of modifiers which you need to keep track of and allows for more intuitive combat decisions.

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