Advice On Painting Reaper Bones

With the third massive Reaper Bones Kickstarter over, here’s some advice on painting the figures. It’s quite a different experience from metal or hard plastic.

Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Lord Painting Tutorial

The Massive Voodoo blog has a tutorial on painting a Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Lord. Lots of good techniques there.

Painting A Board Game Miniature

More and more board games come with plastic miniatures that just beg to be painted. Here’s how.

How To Paint True Metallic Silver

Adeptus Painter has a photo tutorial on how to make the most of your true metallic silver paints. He suggests that it is easier to shade metallic paints than to highlight them.

Homemade Brush Holder

The Santa Cruz Warhammer site has a useful quick tip on making an inexpensive brush holder.