How To Achieve A Natural Metal Finish

If your miniatures games involve airplanes -- especially early jets -- you need to paint your models with a natural metal finish. Swanny Models has a good article with ideas on how to create a natural metal finish.

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Painting Stubble

The painting geniuses at Slave to Paint have this guide to painting a five o'clock shadow. I wouldn't go to all of this trouble on my wargames miniatures, but I also have on occasion painted individual role playing figures for sale on EBay. This would be a good painting technique for such "character" figures.

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Keeping Track Of Your Paint Schemes

The Paint Machine blog, in a post on painting Landsknechts, has hidden a great tip on keepign track of your paint schemes: at each stage of the army, take a digital photo of the models and the paint used. That way, if you have to add figures, you have a record of what colors you used.

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Restoring Dried Out Paint


What wargamer has not had the frustration of finally getting time to sit down for a painting session, only to find that the paint is dried? While a completely dried-out paint is gone, the partially dried out ones can still be recovered. This video shows how.

Paint Remover

So you messed up the paint job on an expensive miniature. Now you have to remove the paint without ruining the figure by turning the paint into an impossibly gooey mess. In the Two Hour Wargames group, Ken Hafner writes:

We have had good results with Castrol Super Clean, Tough Cleaner
Degreaser. It is found mostly in automotive sections of stores, and is in a deep purple bottle. I have used it on both metal and hard plastic
figures on plastic bases, with excellent results. It doesn't harm the
plastic at all. I prime with spray paints, paint with acrylics, and over
coat with various dullcoats, including Testors and Krylon. It removes
them all with the aid of a toothbrush.

One caveat: be sure to use plastic gloves when you are scrubbing. It
is an EXCELLENT degreaser and will remove all natural oils from your
hands, and cause the skin to crack. We use it full strength.

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