Complete Guide To Getting Started In Airbrushing

The Leadhead has a very nice article on getting started in airbrushing. Well worth the read.

Painting In Black and White

Carmen’s Fun Painty Time Blog has a nice series of articles on painting a figure in black and white — that is, painting a pulp figure so that it looks like it’s in a classic black-and-white movie. The effect is startling. You need to scroll down to see the entire series in sequence.

Tips For Painting RPG Miniatures

Gnome Stew has some useful tips for painting your RPG and board game miniatures.


Painting Highlander Kilts

Dave Taylor miniatures has a photo tutorial on painting highlander kilts. Absolutely beautiful stuff.

Stripping Paint From Figures

The LeadHead blog has a short article on his experiences in stripping paint from figures with Simple Green.