Speed Painting

Sean K Reynolds has written a nice piece on speed painting. The theory is that what you want to do is put 100 figures on the table, not create 100 individual masterpieces. In recent years, I’ve done much more of the “good enough for the table” figures, and far fewer of the “showcase quality” types.

Keeping Paint On Plastic Figures

Matt Fritz has an article on how to keep the paint on plastic miniature wargaming figures.

Painting Warmaster Figures

I’ve always found painting 10mm and 6mm wargames figures to be difficult. Brumbaer has this guide that hopefully will make things easier.

Painting Napoleonic Ships

Ray Trochim has a guide to assembling and painting the miniature ships for your Napoleonic wargames.

Painting Flesh

Having trouble doing proper flesh tones on your wargames miniatures? From Slave To Paint studios, comes a guide to painting flesh.