Tutorial On Fast Wash Painting In 15mm

Both the speed and quality of my painting have improved since I learned to use washes effectively. Here’s a nice tutorial on using washes in 15mm.

Transferring Citadel Paints Into Dropper Bottles

Painting White Tutorial

Here is a very extensive tutorial on painting one of the most difficult colors: white

Tackling A Reaper Vampire Box

Now that so many of us have finally received our Reaper Kickstarter packages, the question is how to approach such a daunting project. Gnome Stew has some advice.

Painting Faces Tutorial

This particular tutorial on painting faces is focused on a Renaissance figure, but the techniques are universal. I quite like Stuart’s results. In particular, I like the fact that he doesn’t paint the eyes, which to my mind looks better. While painted eyes are technically impressive, to my mind they too often look bug-eyed.