Painting Napoleonic Ships

Ray Trochim has a guide to assembling and painting the miniature ships for your Napoleonic wargames.

Painting Flesh

Having trouble doing proper flesh tones on your wargames miniatures? From Slave To Paint studios, comes a guide to painting flesh.

Metallics Painting Tutorial

Who needs that crazy non-metal metallic (NMM) miniatures painting style. Slave to Paint studios has this tutorial on painting metallics on your wargaming miniatures the traditional way: with metallic paint.

Magic Wash

Here’s a recipe for Magic Wash, the all-purpose, superior figure wash made with Future Floor polish. All you have to do is mix this with a little paint in a shade deeper than the base coat, and let it flow into the crevasses of the miniature. It’s an especially effective technique when painting a large number of historical miniatures because things go so quickly.

Mixing Citadel Paints

Path of the Outcast has a nice illustrated tutorial on mixing a base set of GW paints to come up with OTHER GW paints. For example: Chaos Black + Sunburst Yellow + Enchanted Blue = Scaly Green