MEST – Adventures in Matter, Energy, Space and Time

MEST - Adventures In Matter, Energy, Space and Time is a set of free wargames rules for cinematic skirmish games. The authors write:

Matter. Energy. Space. Time. The MEST Narrative miniatures rules system is designed to be a flexible light-weight set of features that can work with numerous genres such as Swords & Sandals, Medieval, Swashbuckler, Wild West, Horror, Victorian Adventure, Pulp Heroes, Modern Battles, Future War, Sci-Fi, or Superheroes.

With these rules two or more players can simulate the last exciting minutes of derring-do, harrowing deeds, and heart-stopping acts of courage of any small-scale engagement pulled from any number of genres; from penny novels, serials, and otherwise. Will the dastardly villains win? Will the heroes prevail? Who lives? Who dies? The answers to these questions and more await your decision!

Hack & Sack New Jersey Boardgame

Hack and Sack New Jersey is a free hex style wargame about an alien invasion of New Jersey:

The alien Krylons invade the Garden State! Spaceships disgorge hordes of Cossacks and Roman-style legions; Jerseyite biker gangs and accountants fight back. 2 players.

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Archipelago of Gold

Archipelago of Gold is a set of free wargames rules for use with the constructable, collectable Pirates of the Spanish Main ships from WizKids. From the BGG description:

These rules use the Pirates of the Spanish Main and a hex map to allow you to explore wild islands for gold, build large fleets, settlements, cities, forts, and train your crews to become superior gun crews. Get more gold back to your settlement, and you can build more than your opponents.

Clockpunk Blog

Clockpunk is like Steampunk -- except it's set in the Renaissance. The science fiction sub-genre is set in a Renaissance where technology that was invented many years later comes into play. Here's a new blog called DaVinci Automata dedicated to the genre. Plenty of ideas here -- especially if you already (as many of us do) own Renaissance era figures.

I remember playing a game at a Chicago convention some years ago called DaVinci something-or-other that involved a large number of Leonardo DaVinci's war engines. It was a lot of fun.

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Modeling Cargo Containers

Here's a video on how to model cargo containers.