Civil War In 30 Minutes Matrix Game

The Civil War in 30 Minutes is a matrix game designed by Matt Fritz to help his students understand the American Civil War. If you haven’t looked into matrix games, you will find that they are useful in running meaningful campaigns.

Making Pine Trees

The All Hell Let Loose Blog has an article on making 6mm pine trees.

Dr. Who Miniatures Rules

Here’s a link to a set of Dr. Who miniatures rules.

Astral Dreams Space Opera Miniatures Game

Astral Dreams is a free miniatures game based on the d20 Open Gaming License system. The game’s background is based on a short story of the same name, which involves a war between humans and robots.

The Perfect Captain’s Battle Finder

The Perfect Captain’s Battle Finder is a set of 64 cards — done in the usual high quality graphics — that you use to generate terrain for your miniature wargames battles. There also are rules for using the cards to create linear campaigns, and maneuver campaigns using the downloadable force counters, order and control markers. There are even revenue and siege rules.

Truly innovative stuff, and something that I’m going to use almost immediately.