Chronicles Of Blood Solo War Game

Chronicles of Blood is a solo fantasy wargame. The basic game is free, but expansions are $1 each.

SAGA Battleboards For Lord of the Rings Dwarves

Here is a beautifully done SAGA battleboard for dwarves in the Lord of the Rings

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Simple Fantasy Skirmish

Simple Fantasy Skirmish is a set of free wargames rules designed to bring kids and beginners to the tabletop miniatures gaming hobby.

Combat Narrative Fantasy / Medieval Skirmish System

Combat is a set of free wargames rules for playing out medieval and fantasy skimish battles. The author writes:

This is a fantasy/medieval skirmish combat system that is intended to work for narrative style games where there are heroes fighting anything from rank and file minions to Cave Trolls and also where the dramatic action follows some characters more than others. Time is not spread evenly across the tabletop. If Aragorn is running to try to rescue the Hobbits, the heroic character will keep trying to activate Aragorn while the villainous player will keep trying to activate the Orcs fighting Boromir. As part of this, when groups of characters are activated, that is when they get attacked. You cannot be damaged, for example, until the story is talking about you so by activating a group of characters, the player chooses to risk their safety.

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Fantasy Warriors Free Wargames Rules

EM4 Miniatures offers a free download of the old Grenadier Fantasy Warriors rules by Nick Lund. This a nice set that I've played on a number of occasions. I actually have a couple of the original big box sets of Fantasy Warriors, complete with plastic miniatures.

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