La Guerre Des Ames (Souls Wars)

La Guerre Des Ames (Souls Wars) is a set of free wargames rules in which Angels and Demons fight for souls. The rules are in French, but if your browser operates the way mine does, it will automatically convert the text.

Fantasy Flyers Rules

Fantasy Flyers is a set of free miniatures wargames rules for aerial skirmishes. You can construct your own flyers

I think it would be a good alternate game if you own some of those old Man O'War flyers -- the Dwarf Gyrocopter, Manticore Riders, Wyvern Riders, etc. You also could use 15mm flyers (although I can't recall if I've ever seen a good variety of those), or possibly 25mm fantasy figures (but I think the distances may have to be modified for this).

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Supreme Warlord: BloodLust Fantasy Rules

Bloodlust is a set of free wargames rules for fantasy battles with 15mm figures. The author writes:

SUPREME WARLORD: BLOOD LUST is a set of rules designed to create massive battles using 15 mm Historical pre-1600 castings and/or Fantasy castings.  The Blood Lust Series is an effort to get new players into historical and miniature gaming. The rules in this series will focus on combat and inflicting casualties because new players tend to understand blood flowing and the visual affect of depleting units.  Morale and command control rules are a factor but do not dominate play.

In the fantasy version, the World is in the midst of conflict dominated by several races embarking on quests of global domination.  Resistance has been fierce and costly to all sides causing the war to escalate into wars of Racial Extermination.

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Martial Arts Card Engine

The Martial Arts Card Engine is a set of free wargames rules for simulating fighting games and anime battles. From the game description:

MACE is a game for 2 – 4 players. MACE simulates the fantastic martial arts battles common to fighting games and anime. Each player is represented by a Fighter, a master of the martial arts complete with vicious Strikes and powerful Blasts of energy. The goal is to Knock Out all other players Fighters, with the last one standing the winner.

MACE uses a deck of playing cards, a hex sheet and some tokens, so is easy to play and requires no book keeping. MACE also features a unique order mechanic called Momentum, which allows you to choose when you act.

DragonRune: Arena of Death

DragonRune: Arena of Death is a set of rules for fantasy gladiatorial combat.