Labyrintus Miniatures Maze Game

Labyrintus is a set of free wargames rules in which players try to get their team of miniatures through a labyrinth maze.

Fields of Battle Fantasy Rules

If you have an account with Scribd, you may be interested in a set of fantasy rules that appeared in Warlock Magazine in 1986: Fields of Battle by Graeme Davis

Stomping Ground Fantasy Rules

The Dunken Company offers a set of fantasy rules called The Stomping Ground. The rules were developed for Dunken's line of 25mm molds for fantasy figures, but can be used with any. The company says that The Stomping Ground is:

the fantasy miniatures battle system that just says no to hard to learn rules, imagination choking character classes, and Asystem supporting only figures. In other words, with Stomping Grounds, you get to play with the figurines that you want to play with, regardless of size, appearance, and intended purpose. This game is very easy to learn yet it allows the players to develop strategies and command armies.

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Fimir Army Book For Warhammer Fantasy Battles

The Fimir Army Book is the latest in a series of high quality fan-created Army books for Warhammer Fantasy.

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Combat Narrative Fantasy / Medieval Skirmish System

Combat is a set of free wargames rules for playing out medieval and fantasy skimish battles. The author writes:

This is a fantasy/medieval skirmish combat system that is intended to work for narrative style games where there are heroes fighting anything from rank and file minions to Cave Trolls and also where the dramatic action follows some characters more than others. Time is not spread evenly across the tabletop. If Aragorn is running to try to rescue the Hobbits, the heroic character will keep trying to activate Aragorn while the villainous player will keep trying to activate the Orcs fighting Boromir. As part of this, when groups of characters are activated, that is when they get attacked. You cannot be damaged, for example, until the story is talking about you so by activating a group of characters, the player chooses to risk their safety.

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