Combat Captain WWII Rules

Combat Captain is a set of free wargames rules in which the basic unit is a company consisting of up to eight squads. Author David Raybin says that the rules "allow a high degree of flexibility in unit activity during a turn. The idea is simplicity of play so the game will move along to a satisfactory conclusion in under three hours."

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Bombs Away Carrier Game

Bombs Away is a simple, three page print-and-play game about carriers in the Pacific.

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Panzer III

Dave Ferris offers Panzer III, a set of free wargames rules for WIII tank battles.

Mustangs Air Combat Rules

Mustangs is a classic Air Combat game from Avalon Hill which, like most of their great systems is long out-of-print. Warflag, however, has a set of rules for playing the game in miniature.

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Quick War WWII Rules

Quick War is a set of free wargames rules for WWII games using 1:144 miniatures. From the BGG author's description:

This is a set of rules to play a WWII game with 1:144 miniatures. It doesn't use a lot of look up tables, and is easy to learn. That's why I call it "Quick War". This set of rules uses no game board, instead units are moved by measurements in inches, and rulers are used also for firing weapons. I use different colors of felt to denote hills, forest, water, and roads. Units may be hidden and put on opportunity fire, or be activated to move and fire. There are rules for artillery and infantry as well. Infantry may be used as artillery spotters, or to attack other infantry or armor. There is also Infantry support which includes heavier weapons such as bazookas.