Hail of Fire Company Level WWII Rules

Hail of Fire are a set of free wargames rules for company level WWII miniatures games. The authors write:

“Hail Of Fire” is a company-level, WWII miniatures war game, designed to be both simple and easy to learn, as well as providing an exciting WWII themed experience that always keeps both players engaged in the action! And best of all, the rules are only five pages long! Not only that, but “Hail Of Fire,” along with various upcoming supplements and army lists, is available to download for free. So print out the PDF, throw some models on the table, and get right into the action!

“Hail of Fire” is a game of combined-arms combat, with rules for infantry, tanks, artillery, and air support. Players will have to learn to use each of these in collaboration to take their objectives and get their men home by Christmas! 😉 “Hail Of Fire” was designed to be played with 15mm models, based in teams of 3-5 on a stand, making it perfect for those who would like to use their armies from other popular war games, such as Flames Of War! Models of other scales and basing styles may be used with little to no modification.

Godlike Open Source Rules

Godlike – Open Source Rules is a conversion of the WWII Superhero RPG to the familiar d20 type system.

Flaming Aces WWII Aircraft Rules

Flaming Aces is a set of free wargames rules for air combat 1939 – 1945. The author writes:

‘Flaming Aces’ is a fast paced and easy to learn tabletop war game that is designed to ‘simulate’ World War 2 air combat with 1/200 scale aircraft (although any size can be used with slight adjustments to the movement and shooting ranges). I say ‘simulate’ because the game’s number one priority is to remain fun, it will roughly replicate the fighting style and tactics of the time but when realism and fun clash, fun will always prevail.