Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks – Book Review

Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks: German Army and Waffen SS The Last Battles In The West 1945
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Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks is part of a series from publisher Pen and Sword that cover fighting vehicles from WWII to the present. Each of the books is offers full color visual references, as well as modeling guides and historical background.

Like others in the series, Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks is published in a 21cm x 30cm perfect bound format with 64 glossy pages. There are 32 pages of color illustrations.

Ten of the color pages are illustrations depicting twenty different variations of the Tiger I and Tiger II tanks. The remaining color pages show photographs of scale model kits from a variety of manufacturers.

Gamers and historical enthusiasts will enjoy a timeline of actions in which Tigers were involved in 1945, as well as short operational histories of Tiger units engaged in the last months of the war. The book also includes unit organizations.

This is a slim volume, but packed full of information for modelers and gamers interested in the Tiger I and Tiger II tanks in the last months of the war.

Stalingrad Attacked

Lou Coatney offers Stalingrad Attacked, a free, complete board wargame. Coatney is a veteran game designer with a number of published designs, including Dark Crusade.

Uniforms of WWII by Andrew Mollo

There was a discussion over at the Miniatures Page about a good WWII painting resouce. I don’t normally do posts about commercial products, but you can consider this a public service review.

For my money, the best resource for WWII uniforms is the Armed Forces of WWII by Andrew Mollo.

I’ve painted a lot of WW2 figures on commission over the last several years, and I have found this book to be the one indispensable resouce. Virtually every uniform I’ve wanted has been in here. Where else would you find the uniforms and insignia of the WWII Hungarian Air Force. There are 365 color paintings in the volume, and many more black and white photos. There is also a lot of information about the organization and ranks of the various armies. All, in all, its highly recommended for WWII painters and gamers.

Battle for Norway

Robert Martensson has created a nice site describing a rarely-touched aspect of WWII: The Battle for Norway.

Axis History Factbook

The owner of the Axis History site cautions: “This is an apolitical site dedicated to the history of the Third Reich and its allies. This is not a Nazi site, and I am not a Nazi.”

Its a good warning, because this sort of thing could easily be abused. That said, this is a good site with lots of information for wargamers. Of particular interest are the sections on the Axis allies, which have lots of good information on the units, decorations and equipment used.