Black Skies Starfighter Combat Rules

Black Skies is a set of free wargames rules for star fighter combat. The author writes:

A while back I was looking for something new to play and decided I’d like to try a star fighter combat game. I checked out a variety of rule sets and found nothing that I really liked. In fact, the most popular set seemed to be unnecessarily complex and slow, not something I expected from a set of star fighter rules. What I expected fighter combat to be was FAST. Complex and slow just didn’t work. So I set out to create my own (with plenty of help from the guys at my local war gaming club). I tried and liked an unfinished set by Shaun Austin which had several good ideas, but I thought the turn sequence could be streamlined. Using the basic card movement idea, and a simple combat system I tried to make these rules feel more like the fast deadly action I imagine star fighter combat should be.

Small Spacecraft Combat Rules

Small Spacecraft Combat rules are a set of free wargames rules allowing players to first design and then fight it out with space fighters.

Space Station Zemo Board Game

space station zemo

From Inquest Magazine in September 1998, here’s a scan of their Space Station Zemo game, preserved for posterity.

40K Unlimited Warhammer 40K Fan Rules

40K Unlimited is a set of fan created alternative rule for Warhammer 40K.

Highest Ground Science Fantasy Wargame

Highest Ground is a free science fantasy board game. The author writes:

The Highest Ground is a game that imagines a world with a very long period variable climate. Where an alien species has, approximately every 800 Earth years, collected a band of warriors from the most advanced warrior state on Earth at the time, and transported them to this planet. There they are to achieve dominance over the local population, grow a crop for the aliens, and, in the ensuing climactic holocaust, be almost wiped out and, therefore, not become a threat to the aliens.

At the time depicted by the game the have just bagged a new group of Earthlings and taken them to the planet. This group
is from 1979 and is a bunch of mercenaries on the losing side of an African civil war. They have been grabbed from a
soon to be terminally untenable position. They have been taken to the planet where the society that has grown up
around the survivors of previous recruiting drives consists of several warring states peopled by Medieval feudal kingdoms and knights, Roman Legions, pony riding barbarians and Egyptian pharaohs. The game finds the few mercenaries, having allied themselves with the European kingdoms, at war with the local Roman Empire.