Malevolence Sci Fi Skirmish rules

Inspired by Hasslefree's miniatures, Malevolence is a small-scale sci fi skirmish game. Better yet -- the author says that he uses it for his Zombie Games.


Malevolence v0.2

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Dying Star Oblivion Skirmish Quickstart Rules

Dying Star Oblivion is an skirmish game based on Samsun Lobe's Dying Star series. You can get the files via their Facebook page here.

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Prophecy of War 6mm Science Fiction Rules

The Yahoo 6mm Science Fiction group has a nice little set of rules called "Prophecy of War," about which the author writes:

These rules are intended to fill a gap in the science fiction wargaming rules market. We needed a set of rules that could cope with the sheer amount of models that we wanted to use, because, of those rules that we tried, none could match our demands. Often playing games with six players, and each wanting to use over fifty models, as well as infantry and air support, we found that our sessions were somewhat slow. Even worse was the amount of time calculating army lists. We wanted to be able to turn up and play (lazy as that sounds).

1.1 Design philosophy
These rules are not intended for any specific future, or universe. They are useable in any futuristic game intended to create large scale mayhem. We have assumed that the current military balance has remained intact, since most science fiction wargamers tend to enjoy using land vehicles (even if they are far out of scale in many cases). This means that infantry and tanks still have a place on the battle field. There are many rules sets that provide infantry rules, and we have always found them to be tedious when used in large numbers, so we wanted something really fast. The aim was to make infantry into a useful tool within the game, and not just a minimum requirement in an army list.

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Bugged Galactic Conquest Game

Jeremy Claridge offers "Bugged" a free board game of galactic conquest. The author writes:

Welcome to Bugged! The hex based wargame of the extraterrestrial kind.

Bugged! Will let you engage in the conflict for territory that has plagued humankind ever since it took to the stars.

In Bugged! You can play one of the four main races that inhabit the galaxy in an attempt to wipe out any opposition. You could be anything from the mutant bugs with their limited intelligence but powerful weapons to the more resourceful but heavily outnumbered human marines.

So lets get you started on the road to Galactic Conquest…………………………….

To play Bugged! You will need some figures to represent your units, a hex marked playing surface and a dozen or so six sided dice.

Warbots Robot Combat Game

JP Trostle offers Warbots:

WARBOTS is a game for 2-6 players using the Z-bot toys from Micromachines (or any other cartoonish robot figures). It was originally inspired by the old Metagaming MicroGame "Rivets" by Robert Taylor.

IN THE NOT-SO-FAR FUTURE.... Man built the Warbots to fight his battles for him, but eventually the machines turned on their masters and wiped them out. However, computer-controlled factories continue to manufacture the killer 'bots and send them out to be tested. Every afternoon at the Disneysoft military/industrial/ entertainment complex, the latest line from the company’s Warbot™ Urban Peace Squad (WUPS) roll out for another demo, with two teams facing off against one another.