Building A 3D Space Hulk

Although it was essentially a rip-off of Aliens, as a game, Space Hulk was one of GW’s best game efforts. Here’s a tutorial on building your own 3-D Modular Hulks.

Mecha!/Spirit Warrior Rules

For a limited time, Scale Creep Miniatures is making its classic Mecha!/Spirit Warriors rules available. These feature big stompy robots with an Aztec flair.

Free Solo Science Fiction Miniatures Rules

Sally Forth Miniatures offers a free set of rules for playing solo Science Fiction miniatures games. While designed for ACP164, they are adaptable to any sci-fi miniatures system, such as WH40KVoidStar Wars, etc.

Space Rat RPG

Space Rat is an RPG written by Nathan Russell in just 24 hours. It’s inspired by the cheesy science fiction movies of the 70s. It looks like a lot of fun.

Big Game Hunt Dinosaur Hunting Rules

Big Game Hunt is a game of dinosaur hunting. Really.