Iron Stars demo rules

Majestic 12 Games has these demo rules for their Iron Stars miniatures wargame. I'll let them explain:

Iron Stars is a game of space combat in an age of steam and steel. Set in a fictional universe based loosely on the writings of H. G. Wells and other fantasists, it provides a back story and ship designs from an alternate history in which the Martian Invasion actually happened, the ether is all?pervasive, and Cavorite is a reality. But, as with Starmada and other Majestic Twelve Games products, the focus is on players' imaginations; a clear and concise ship construction system is provided so you can pit your own space dreadnoughts against the likes of the Royal Navy Ether Squadron or the German Aethermarine.

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Stand Up Fight, or A Bug Hunt?

Stand Up Fight or A Bug Hunt? is a set of free wargames rules for miniature games influenced by classic science fiction rules.

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Rampant Stars Science Fiction Squad Skirmish Game

Rampant Stars is a science fiction squad skirmish game offered on a pay-what-you-want basis. From the product description:

Rampant Stars is a scale and model agnostic sci-fi squad vs. squad skirmish game.  It is designed to be played in about an hour with fully customizable forces from your favorite Sci-Fi universe.  The rules can accommodate infantry, power armored units, and vehicles.  Players choose generic units and customize them using a Sci-Fi traits list.  Most weapons and equipment is abstracted into simple to use Sci-fi Traits for the units.

The mechanics are straight forward, streamlined, and easy to learn.  Rampant Stars uses a d6 vs. a target number to resolve orders, actions, morale, and other results.  The degree of success impacts the level of damage inflicted.  Turns move quickly between players.

Victory in Rampant Stars focuses on completing mission objectives.  These are randomly generated prior to the game and come complete with twists and turns to make every gaming experience unique.  Each gaming experience will be unique.

Rampant Stars is ideal for experienced gamers and new players getting their feet wet.  Speed and ease of play were the priorities in the design process without sacrificing decision making.  In the Rampant Stars units do not always perform exactly as intended so the Friction of War will force players to react accordingly.


The Void Lovecraftian Science Fiction RPG

The Void is a free RPG with a science fiction/ Lovecraft setting.

First Law Override: Science Fiction Skirmish Rules

First Law Override is a set of free wargames rules in beta edition for science fiction skirmishes. The author writes:

First Law: Override

A game of futuristic combat, espionage, and cyber warfare

Set on the world of Honos, a terraformed planet on the far fringe of the Milky Way Galaxy, First Law: Override is a sci- campaign skirmish game where humans and aliens battle it out using combat, espionage and cyber-warfare. Using a 28mm Open Source model system, build your force of elite soldiers, assassins, hackers and freedom fighters before taking to the conflicted streets of Honos, where both fortune and death awaits at every corner. This book contains all of the rules needed to play a game of First Law: Override