Dunger Racing Game

Dunger Derby is a miniatures game of racing little wasteland beasties called Dungers. You really have to take a look to get it.

Warlord 2085 Science Fiction Rules

Skank Games offers Warlord 2085, a set of free wargames rules for fast play science fiction miniatures.

Giant Stompy Robots Rules

Meca Tac – The Giant Stompy Robots Edition is a set of free wargames rules for Mecha battles.

Planet 28 Narrative Science Fiction Rules

From Mammoth Games comes Planet 28, a set of free wargames rules (actually, pay what you want) for narrative science fiction games.

Mammoth writes:

Planet 28 is a simple set of sci fi skirmish rules for quick narrative games between warbands of warriors, mutants, and outcasts.

Inspired by the amazing work of kitbashers and converters the world over, planet 28 is intended as a pick up and play rule system for quick games when a longer rule system isn’t viable.

Rules include – 

customer character creation.

basic weapons and custom weapon creation.

a story generator for setting up and adding narrative to your games.

a campaign system that lets you build and develop your warband between games.


Star Viking Board Games

Another Dwarf Star classic, Star Viking is now available as a print-and-play game.

STAR VIKING is a game of interstellar raiding and plunder for two players. Using a unique system of 12 mapboard tiles to represent the various star systems in the Outrim sector, it captures the tense uncertainty and the sudden, flashing battles of an interstellar war. Units represented include Viking cruisers, sloops, and fighters. Federate and local frigates, battle-cruisers, and patrol boats, as well as raiding detachments, security forces, grav-armor units, specialized warfare pods, and conventional low-tech armed forces ranging from atmospheric aircraft to stone-age hordes.