FUBAR One Page Modern / Science Fiction Rules

Fubar is a good looking one page set of modern and science fiction rules.

Free 3D Terrain For Dust Tactics

Top Solitario, one of my favorite sites for its quality free paper products, has a selection of 3-D terrain pieces for Dust and other games which can be downloaded, printed and quickly constructed — a bonus is that they also fold flat!

Paper Science Fiction Ornithopter Model

Toposolitario has a new paper model for you to enjoy: a science fiction ornithopter. The artist points out that a 50% printing, it would work for the now very popular 15mm science fiction figures.

Starcrashers Board Game

Starcrashers is a simple tabletop game of space exploration and combat. The author writes:

Star Crashers is a friendly game for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. Each turn, players move their spacecraft around the table, exploring by flipping over Blip Counters that could be Space Pirates, Gravity Mines, Derelict Ships, and stranger things! When a player successfully deals with an encounter, they collect Credits as specified in the encounter. Once all the Blip Counters have been revealed and dealt with, the game is over- the player with the most credits wins. You can also try playing teams, pairing up with another player and combining your credits to see which team can earn the most!

Aquazone Game of Deep Sea Exploration and Combat

Aqua Zone is a set of free wargames rules for playing miniatures games that feature underwater combat with submarines, DSV’s and marine animals.