Wandering Star Science Fiction Rules

Wandering Star is a set of free wargames rules for science fiction games with a Star Wars or Firefly vibe. From the author:

The design philosophy behind the rules is grounded in the idea that we want our sci fi games to feel like episodes of Star Wars or Firefly. This means that I deliberately tried to keep away from mechanics that model modern warfare. For example, weapon ranges are rather short (even though I know about the discussions surrounding this topic and would chose a different approach for historical games). Wandering Star is not supposed to force you to adopt modern small unit tactics, but to force you to behave like heroic rebel commandos in Star Wars!

Icarus Project Preview Rules

Icarus Miniatures offers a set of preview rules for their Icarus Project science fiction rules.

There are also some starter paper miniatures and unit cards for the downloading.

Senator Arjun’s Star Wars Rules

Senator Arjun’s rules are for games in the Star Wars Universe. Each player controls a squad or more of figures. There also are rules for jedi, droids and various villians

Cap’n Arjun’s Starship Rules

Cap’n Arjun’s rules are a generic set of free wargames rules for starship combat.

It looks as though the entire rules set could fit on one piece of paper, so if one page rules are your thing …

Farscape: The Card Game

Farscape is one of my favorite science fiction series, though like many, its life was too short. You can relive the adventures with the print-and-play Farscape card game.